Jan 2011 

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Fewer absolutes and more rebellion.

I didn't think I'd actually do it.

I am Thuggy D.

Put the pasty in the oven.

Put the cookie in the jar.

Writing a sentence a day keeps the psychiatrist away.

Can I call you A&W? Cuz I wanna drink your root beer float.

I'm not interested in the girls I can get, just the ones I want.

I just know what I like, and I like to do what I like.

Love me extra strength.

THUGGY D, the hockey player formerly known as Thugsy.

They call me Sir Crush-a-Lot.

Having a nicer castle doesn't matter when it's still a lonely castle.

By my estimations a person has never had life figured out for longer than three consecutive days before having to figure it all out again.

Have one dream of the mountains. One dream of chicken enchiladas. One dream of camels. And 3836618 dreams of adventure, wonder, and imagination.

I have discovered that one of the things I miss most about being in a relationship is simply having someone to care for regularly.

Better days lie ahead.

Kill one bird with one stone and I might consider it, kill two birds with one stone and it's a real possibility, kill three birds with one stone and I did it yesterday, twice.


I think I've finally narrowed down my New Years resolution to: be more creepy, rebel more, tweet less and provide more awkward moments.

I'm not sure if I'll ever marry, but if I do the song for the first dance won't have any lyrics, I dont want someone elses words trying to convey my love for my wife especially when that moment will be indescribable, no words to get in the way of how I feel in that moment.

White tape or black tape?

Words can't describe the feelings I have for this hockey stick.

The first hockey game of the season is like your first day in prison, you have to kick as much ass as possible.

This one goes out to you Eugene Capriotti.

Welcome to binge street.

Another deposit closer to being a boss.

Happy to know that's a lot of stress I don't have to deal with right now.


What time is it? Kick ass thirty.

Hey baby, wanna go halves on a baby?

It's hockey o'clock.

I want awesome.

Antsy little bunny.

Definitely one of my most authentic crushes ever.

This is getting pathetic.

I'm just gonna sit over here by myself and be cool with that.

Mustache wax is like P90X for your facial hair.

Let's ride our bikes like maniacs until we break a bone.

That's one hell of a way to mend an ailing heart, at least temporarily.

I don't have accidents.

Quantifying the qualitative.

Baby you're about to enter the epicenter of a 9.3 earthquake.

Kick the bricks.

I like your face.

I liked it twice, just so you know.

Dear 2Pac, thugs don't live in mansions, thugs live in castles.

Time for a good cry, time to chop onions.

If she likes me with a beard I guarantee she'll like me without.

I'm going to go ahead and embrace this cacoethes.

I don't like drafting.