Dec 2010 

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Lions, tigers, and Thugsys, oh my!

Cupcake thuggin' all day long.

Thugsy life.

It's harder than it looks wearing plaid every day.


Calculating the multiplier, yup.

Sometimes you're LIKE A BOSS and sometimes you ARE A BOSS.

Everything looks better with antlers.

You better call in the National Guard, cuz i'm gonna thug hard!

How many thugs could a Thugsy thug if a Thugsy could thug thugs?

Thugsy called, he said your mom will be getting home late tonight.

Sorry, too busy launching.

I've always believed that one of the most harmful things we can do is to steer someone away from their passion, especially at an early age.

If this project wasn't yet considered a success, it is now.

I'm just not a foodie.

Gotta thug just right.

To gain 80 yards, sometimes you have to run 180.

You underestimate the thug in me.

I've made it through Growvember and half way through Decembeard. Manuary and Februhairy still seem far away.

Hockey is as big of a passion as it's ever been.

Hunger vs. productivity.

Lonely, like a boss

Gettin' my holster on.

I believe you were hallucinating, which is way cooler than talking to me.

Cutting my losses for the day and going to bed.

Would you rather have a boyfriend or a Bugsyfriend?

You've been thugged.

At 6pm my mind is a volcano.

We're under the pressure of the cave, cuz we just went spelunking.

My hair is resemblant of Art Garfunkel today and my annual haircut is still months away.

It's often easier to be optimistic for someone else than it is yourself.

Sappy is a good thing. Besides, if it weren't for sap we wouldn't have maple syrup.

Mom and Dad, I'm coming home.

My conscience is [mostly] cleared.

Nothing but an empty box and a question mark.

Be your quintessential self.

This time no.

Fantsy pants.

Typical is not a word I adhere to.

Waiting for an asteroid to hit my car.

Knowing people is always better than not knowing people.