Nov 2010 

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Happy Grow-vember.

Why's it so high? Why's it so low?

I don't like eating apples, but I love drinking them.

Wanting something and believing something are two entirely different things.

Just because you're a big deal doesn't make you a good deal.

I hated leftovers as a kid, but I didn't have to cook a thing, but now that I live alone (and have to find myself three meals a day that don't just magically appear) leftovers are one of the greater things in life, almost magical.

I miss you too, but it was your call.

Taking care of the fun stuff first.

2010 is the year of drama.


If you don't recognize regret, you probably didn't learn anything from it.

The 'diculous.

My mind is a mess.

I'm gonna nerd on you hard.

My life is a to-do list.

Web traffic champion.

Technology is in a very, very cool place right now.

Soft heart, soft hands.

Like a banshee.

Ladies, I am the deal breaker.

The killer instinct is strong with you.

I like humans most, they're my favorite animal.

This will prove that I ship out, literally, and will provide the numbers I need.

Not fun being on the ice for the losing goal.

Maybe I'm just getting old.

Where did this all go wrong?

Just filed papers to change my name to Thugsy Likeaboss.

She's gotta do winter well.

Her radius has got to be huge.

You're mind is going to be so sore in the morning, cuz I'm going to blow it soooo hard.

Dear Life, I don't understand you lately, why you gotta be so complexicated?

I'm not here to play jacks anymore.


Thinking, "Who else would I like here?" rather than "Who don't I want here?", is a switch that can make a big impact in a world of that's obsessed with exclusivity, it's fresh to see someone so inclusionary, someone we could all take a lesson from.

Have you ever seen it rain plaid? You will.

Business is so much more than revenue.

Especially thankful for awesome friends and an awesome job this year.

You can't handle the Thug.

Affection, above all else.

Cheering for the underdog since 1983.

Ah yes, good to see you again Imitation, I've seen you around these parts before.

Breakfast of champions, yeah whatever, anyone can get that, hug of champions is a whole other story.

Hey baby, want a little T-H-G before you sleep?

I only have so many questions in my arsenal, perhaps you can add some new ones.

There's a direct correlation between the amount of snow on the ground and my Christmas spirit.