Oct 2010 

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I pick you.

Ballin' too hard.

Then how come when I look in the mirror there's a mill in perfectly good running order?

I hardly know what the word concentrate means, unless you're talking about Welch's white grape peach juice.

In my effort to wean myself from women it is like a vaccine, I need to give myself a tiny dose of women so I can grow immune to them.

Thanks for being my life coach right now, I'll buy you a burrito or something.

I'm all about the friend zone, baby.

Damn, that girl tops the Scoville scale.

But a lot of the time (like now) the hater is the one who's right.

I should be sleeping but we built this city on rock and roll.

For the first time in my life I've been accepted into a wolf pack.

The other 94% is spent on ballin' too hard, in the book of big pimpin'.

But I need to sleep, and let the things that keep me up at night, keep me up.

She's nibbling on my fishing line, but i think she's just trying to get the worm off the hook.


I put the G in 'busy'.

There are things I think and there are things I know, and this would be a thing I know.

We should be half and half and become one.

I wish marshmallow was spelled marshmellow, because then you could also have marshcrazy.

My goal is to be the piece in the art museum that you want to touch the most but aren't allowed to.

I'm a Spartan.

That was my best move, too.

Papa Thugsy says no.

I appreciate you ballin' so hard.

More whim, less planning.

Bugsy will thug you.

Remember, you're only...

Nap of the century.

You are now entering the Bugsy vulnerable zone.

Vulnerable zone is now closed. Please come back in the morning.

Heartbreak season.

I think I just got lapped.

Let's get this over with so we can cuddle.

It's like two of my opponents just signed contracts to play on the same team.

The part of creativity that concerns me the most is its root word, create, that's the part of creativity so many people seem to lose, just create, and create for yourself, create things that please you, then keep creating and the rest will come.

I love the way you make me feel.

Good News Bears all around.

The Thugsy Spectacular, coming soon to an amusement park near you.

Ladies, I wanna get in your friend zone.

Some girls say I'm too short. Some girls say I don't have enough money. And some girls say I don't have enough followers.

I'm probably crushing on you, you just don't know it yet.

Instead of a girlfriend maybe I'll just get a plant.

I think we should change the word cheddar to cheta, like feta.

Mercury is Thugy's milk.

Schooling hard.

I've got popcorn and M&Ms, I'm just missing my honeybee.

It's definitely not a very Thugsy thing to say.

I must be the trick, not the treat.

Executive director of ballin' too hard.

I must have just fallen off the ship.