Sep 2010 

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Hey girl, you got good features.

Ain't no distance gonna stop this crush.

You'll have to pass different skills tests to climb up the ladder.

Fail Fest.

A freezer without ice cream is a lonely freezer.

Ladies beware, a mustache of epic proportions is coming to Lansing.

No, I don't have any beef actually, was going to get some at the store but passed it up today.

Crushing is the new black.

Super chillastic.

Purple studs.

Here cougie, cougie, cougie!

This fall breeze is lovely, but one thing is missing...

I make a mean bowl of Cocoa Puffs.


Bugsy's not ballin'.

There are a million ways to get from NYC to LA, find the one that suits you.

If you steal our ideas we won't hate you forever, but we will date your mom.

If you're so concerned about your time why don't you go and buy some velcro shoes?

I just brought the hurricane, baby.

Hey ladies, I've got my flannel on tonight.

Let's just say I know a lot about being badass.

The U.P. is so dark that not even zombies can survive there.

Don't lose your patrol car.

It was nice and light for about an hour, then it got heavy again.

Soft spots are hard to harden.

Cake is only half of the equation.

All this pent-up romance is just being wasted away.

I found new magic.

Silly girls, frowns are for Bugsys.

I'm not as cool as you, but I kick harder.

Short lived romance is better than wasted romance.

Someone who will hug me for longer than I'll hug them.

I'm ready for my ice cream dose, will you administer the serving?

All they ever ask is what and how without ever seeking any depth, it's all surface level.

Contemplation creation.

Lost her while I had her.

Haven't shipped out in a while.

Dreaming things I don't normally dream about, change it or embrace it?

The Bugsy Castle has ran out of dessert, I'll let down the draw bridge if you want to deliver some.

I'm giving you the evil eye, I know it's not as fierce as yours, but I've been practicing.

Would you mind if I crushed on you for a few days and we can just see how it feels?

Holding hands... my idea of getting some action.

Bugsy's Gentleman League.

No, I haven't lost that loving feeling.

Discovered two things that are a must, touch and the finer things.

Dear Imagination, I don't know what I would do without you, thanks for sticking around and always being there for me.

Don't know how to embrace it.

Ain't got it goin' on.

It's money makin' season.

Well, that was interesting.

Too bad you're not a squirrel, because then attracting nuts would be a very good thing.