Aug 2010 

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Sometimes all it takes is something new.

It's going to be sooo gnarly, I hope you have your gnarly socks on.

I eat rubik's cubes for breakfast just so I can puzzle all of you!

From Lansing with Love.

If an idea was thought of and no action was taken, is it still an idea?

I crush because I can.

More ice cream, more jazz, more evening walks, more Bugsy.

Just another consecutive day.

I think gravity just broke.

Ladies, the candy jar is full.

Baby, I wanna stick to you like 3M.

Selling my life in romance for a life in entrepreneurship.

Left the fruit at home today.

Attempting to wean myself from the thing I crave the most.

A late night drive and a meteror shower are making me feel romantic, but there's only room for one at the Bugsy Castle.

I crave snow, but that doesn't mean it's cold outside.

Purple is the new Bugsy.

Of all my crushes Orange Crush is the best.

Hustlin' and makin' them dollah dollah billz yo.

Should I bring weapons or cookies?

Self-destruct and create something new.

The backroads of the country provide many more treasures than you can ever find at Disney Land.

Calling all snow leopards.

Bugsy up.

Reason #1, I live in a castle.

I love you cuz' you got it goin' on.

Every day is a good day for a road trip.

The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round.

Get some of that raspberry pie sista'friend.

I'm way too flirty today, I best stay clear of women until this passes by.

A Sunday kind of live.

It seems the only condiment I have is a whole lot of boring sauce.

Ain't got no rock n' roll.

Out of sight out of mind, so put it in sight.

I'm a friend zone champion, getting their faster and staying their longer, since 1983.

Sometimes you have to be the ridiculous to get to a better place.

Perfect comes in several varieties.

Basically, I crush on every girl from the start until I no longer have a reason to crush on them, it's sort of like innocent until proven guilty, but crushed on until proven unworthy, I think it's because I always look for the good in people first.

I'm not good at classifying, just good at enjoying.

C'mon baby, I'm vincible.

Double true.


I'm not slow, I just go at my own pace.

These girls are hot and cool, like a flippin' IcyHot patch.

I'll tell you this much, I'm always in favor of a high cheese ratio.