Jul 2010 

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Feeling young again.

You know that point when you're hiking and you get to a spot where you can finally look back behind you and see just how far you've come in just a short time? That's where I'm at.

You know that feeling when you're on a bumpy dirt road for a long time and you finally turn onto pavement? That's where I'm at.

Getting coffee isn't really about actually getting coffee.

What a toolbox.

In other words, the avalanche effect.

If I have two chips in the bank how long at what interest rate will it take to earn a third chip?

I always get popular sayings wrong, that's why it's just better that I invent my own, because even if they're ridiculous and don't make sense at least it's original and nobody can prove it's wrong.

Live your life seeking out the good, not avoiding the bad.

My after work volcano.

Do I want one slice of raspberry pie or an entire apple pie?

Would you play Scattergories with Freddy Krueger?

Come see me when the sun goes down, I'll wake you with kisses when it comes back around.

I had my go at being captain of the team, but it was a bad team, I'd rather be a role player on a championship team for the time being.

Playing defense.

Kick assignment.

Getting to a comfortable place.

It's crushing season.

I'm a sailor and i want to navigate your ship.

Finally, I am on the upswing, I might even get a homerun before the end of the year.

My lake froze over again.

That was easy, this is hard.

More sleep, more brain power, or so I hope.

And earlier still.

Good, I love doin git.

I feel this is going in the write direction.

Craving a spicesicle.

The crush of fury.


Spinning my totem, and it fell over.

In the process of marinating, one of my longest ever, but on the other side I'm hoping for one of the best tasting pieces of meat anyone has ever tasted, just have to make sure I don't stay on the grill too long.

Always round up for friends.

And the posse gets a little bit closer.

My flavor is cold, sweet, creamy, and smooth.

Is it crunch time or lunch time?

I may not have been here, but I still saw you.

In what situation does not caring ever make you better off than caring?

I've lost that hustlin' feelin', whoa, that hustlin' feelin', i've lost that hustlin' feelin', now it's gone...gone...gone...wooooooh.

I'm the investment.

It's usually easier to just forgive, and not one of those petty fake ones.