Jun 2010 

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No drama queening, this is just my perspective.

This is a lot of cotton.

Committed a few crimes today.

Getting ready to ship out, literally.

An angel showed up in my refrigerator.

Sharing twenty-three stories with friends and my parents.

Taking one day off, then I plan to work as hard as I've ever worked before.

I thrive on thriving.

I wish this conversation was taking place at Decker's, with a chicken wrap.

Finally finished Losing My Virginity, I'm kind of sad it's over, I wish it kept going.

Excited to start writing a new chapter in my autobiography.

But in entrepreneurship and business you can lose again, and again, and again.

A few months ago I set sail in uncharted waters, it took a while but eventually I got past the shark infested waters and could see a number of islands on the horizon and slowly they got closer. Today I finally came to shore and will be packing up and ready to move onto the island in a few days. A while ago I didn't know which island to approach, but I had to make a decision and didn't want to back track. I arrived, and in far better shape than I was a year ago at this time.

There could really be something here...

Another haturday.

It's like Christmas Eve, except a little longer lasting.

Going small and killing big.

Elizapieces are pretty good.

Turning on the productivity engine.


I've never been very good about eating my fruits and veggies either.

Approaching the light in the tunnel and have a backpack full of brand new light bulbs.

Finally found the wood.

If I complete this pile of post-it notes I will have conquered many things.

Discovering seven knew ways to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

This is a lovely palette of colors but nothing to contemplate these blues.

There will most definitely always be bad days, bad nights, and bad months, but as long as the ratio is in check it won't really matter.

I'm gaining.

You may have your car, but it doesn't compare to my equity.

Life is like hockey, every tiny play (no matter how small) changes the outcome of every play thereafter.

Made it to the center of the cave and replaced the light with a super high watt bulb so I can wander freely while seeing my way around.

Putting my phone in my shoe for a while.

Dark chocolate pretty much just means dank chocolate.

Could kill two stones with one bird since you're my therapist as well.

That's the crazy cheese, I got butter.