May 2010 

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I'm here to dominate.

That was some sassy stick handling.

I worked, I played, then I worked some more.

I don't need to be a secret weapon to be dangerous, or any kind of weapon for that matter, in fact I'm getting more dangerous without being a weapon.

Ditz cake.

Hating you is like hating bacon ... impossible.

This and that is end.

I am thoroughly enjoying Losing My Virginity.

If only I had a dollar for every time you told me that and I'd have enough to buy a footlong.

Gearing up.


Is begin.

We can all improve on how we make others feel.

Yeah, I don't do things in order, screw that.

Is amused.

Looking for a sum and a sabbatical.

Flirt with class, being subtle is key.


All I can ever do is narrow it to one thing.

Every goal I reach seems to put my further behind, and now a bit of guilt and just looking for one big opportunity.

Drinking a big glass of fail juice.

I kind of wish polygamy was legal and i'd marry both of you.

Glad about Gladys.

It was always an uncomfortable position to be in when feeling I was overstaying my welcome, yet had nowhere to go.

I wish I hadn't stuck it, cuz then I could still stick it.

A secret a day.

This could be dank.

National Pawloskitots Day.

I crush with purpose and intent.

Continually in places I had never been, with people I had never met, doing things I had never done, the familiar quickly became the unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar the familiar, seek out the unfamiliar in life and find friends amongst strangers.

Social hangover.

It might make the most sense for me to recreate this elsewhere.

Rock n' tots.

But for one half hour every day...

Moving on, and on, and on.

I'm not sure when, but at some point I definitely drew the shortest straw.

She seems pretty content, or should I say kitty content?

Besides, I'm from the Upper Peninsula, plaid is part of my heritage.

I've slowly realized that in becoming a young professional I have become so good at greeting people with handshakes that I've become worse at greeting people with hugs, this will change.

At least once a day and twice on saturday, if given the opportunity.

This is oddly comfortable.

Life, quantified.