Apr 2010 

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Throw in eating banana pudding with Nilla Wafers, warm spring weather, some swooning with a beautiful girl and it makes for a great day, and I'm pretty sure it's not even an April's Fools joke.

Chillin' at the Bugsy Castle.

It was all so close.

They can all say whatever they want, the fact is that was pretty kind.

Wow, these cheesy tots sure beat out donuts.

I've done a completely wonderful job of keeping myself undefined all well maintaining this, as much as I hate to say, personal brand.

I tapped too many kegs at once.

I'm antsy to dive into the deep end, it's just a matter of choose between a pool full of chocolate pudding or a pool full of orange jell-o.


Seeing new things on the horizon and using my compass to figure out which one to navigate to, fortunately they're all not too far from the shore at Bugsy Castle.

Run towards the cake, Bugsy.

Bustin' my crush.

Rollin' up on the enemy.

Wallabies and waffles.

Except the two of you.

Going out with a fight.


No rest for the motivated.

Never burn a bridge and let your further contacts know what you're up to, big things will come out of it.

Richard Branson, here I come.

I'll worry about sleep another day.

Conquering, solving, learning, expanding, and growing my stock.

I want that, that over there, yes right there.

Having a little fun all day could be good for me.

Well, that worked better than I could have imagined.

The Bugsy shipping company.

Your face is a good idea.

My birthday's like two years from now.

You know, you don't have to fly to Switzerland to have amazing snowboarding.

If Andy Warhol says everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes (or seconds) is it also possible that it can be prevented in that short of time as well?

I guess I would have to say no.

Don't weight too long, the grapes might no longer be ripe.

I love girls, both the song and the creatures.

More reunions need to be in the mix, along with more road trips.

Milk, aloe, brownies, and surprises.

Roses are really pretty, right? And tulips are really pretty too, right? Well imagine a garden that's half roses and half tulips.

I forgot to exist today.

Leaping into the great abyss.

Your face is ridiculous ... ridiculously pretty!

Going against the grain of social norms.

I know it's a good book when I can only read a few pages at a time.

The ratio of people I know versus people I don't know makes a big difference, plus the size of the group is important.

If you asked me one, two, three, or four years ago I would have never guessed this is where I would be.