Mar 2010 

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From sick to italicized sick.

Trading in my hockey stick for the devil's pitch fork.

Butter it.

Son, i got played.

I am most definitely a gold fish.

Giving someone a hug every single second for 100 years would only be 3,155,692,600 hugs, it's time to get busy.

I mangled my newfangled harmonica.

Yes, they are a tragic necessity, much like the titanic.

My ability to prevent awkward situations is nearly nonexistent.

I got a pocketful of dreams.

Gloss is a product of satan.

Less dove, more peacock, more eagle.

It's gonna go down like a chipmunk in a ferry.

Yeah it's good, it's just really funny right now.

Epic things will go down, epic things.

Be bonkers.

Even though i haven't seen a teenager all weekend it seems that i'm dealing with them.

A conundrum and a beer don't even matter.

No i'm not the creative paradox, but i am the secret weapon.

Oops, broke the ice cream scoop, i knew i needed to stop doing all the calf lifts.

It's 3:28 a.m. and my alarm is set for 6 a.m. i have a soar throat and headache. my body feels like i just received a piledriver from the undertaker, fell off a chairlift (at that part where it's really high at mont ripley), got checked by niklas kronwall, and used all of my energy to slay the jabberwocky. now i'm going to bed with more inspiration than when i woke up this morning. never let positive energy go to waste.

I'm in ass kicking mode and i threw away the pause button.

You're like a sweet little strawberry in a pool of cool whip.

I'm not going to just warm your house, i'm going to bring the heat.

Your face is loading slowly.

The knowledge i have is not being tapped.

...and if you spend it wisely you'll make a lot of money.

I bring a 5 in 1 package baby, I am the full spectrum, let's make use of it.

Unlame it.

...but everyone on the beach knows how big that wave really was.

Gotta find the rest zone.

As a consolation prize i sent an e-mail that could change my life.

How unfortunate that the r and d keys are so close on the keyboard on a day that was about to conquer.

King Awkward.

The former President of Nice Camp.

Much like ideas, ice cream gets better when it's shared.

I've been sailing without a map my whole life, no reason to start now.

The balance board champion.

Unlocked my potential, just trying to get it within an arm's reach.

I've been a goldfish craving a bigger bowl for a long time, and even though I'm flopping around on the table right now the bigger bowl is being polished up and is on its way.

Shipping out.

All it was doing was slowing me down.

In the zone, but a zone far far away.

Go sockless.

Explosion erosion.


Out of the groove.

I was never the atomic bomb anyways, was just a machine gun.

One road is definitely a lot rockier than the other.

Ahh to be normal.

Is end.

In fact, the quality of my hugs has probably improved since you received my last one.

My brain is full of crevasses and at any given time a traveling thought can fall into one of them.


Messin' with the posse.

If I can look at not touch, it would be easier if it weren't so pretty.