Feb 2010 

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I may cash it all in at once.

Ambition achieves far more than talent.

I am oddly confrontational today, might be best to keep away.

As the employees benefit and prosper, the company benefits and prospers.

Food, coming soon to a stomach near you.

And only two.

Wanting to become the person i want to be.

Sometimes the best things don't matter.

I ain't got this.

Fail big, succeed bigger.

Sleep is for the weekends.

Like shards, broken like shards.

At least i know i can still cry.

I can no longer match the best player on the team.

Either it melts too easy or it's made of really good stuff.

I just want to move ahead, i just want to stay in bed, i just want to be myself, but it's a struggle.

That's pretty dude-tastic of you.

Yes, I will rock you like a hurricane.

Hockey is my technology of choice.

My points are pretty arbitrary, i've definitely made love to girls with negative points before.

It's the antithesis of bugsy.

Maybe i just need a haircut, allow more fresh air to get to my brain.

You look like Princess Leia, so I'm going to call you Luke Skywalker from now on.

Alright, i'm glad i got that out of my system for a while.

Them skills be gettin' solid.

No friendship should need to be so strategic.

I'm down for the cause, but the cause ain't down with me.

I'm down for the cause, but the cause ain't down with me.

The longer you go without cleaning the litter box, the more poop you'll find.

Yeah i had a season ending injury too, the eight to five.

If i could only grow plants the way i grow web traffic i'd be one hell of a gardener.

I'm not sure if i have an abnormally large forehead or if i'm just not used to seeing it.

I'm bringin' the hot sauce.

My heart was in the crock pot getting tender and juicy but after reaching perfection it was forgotten my heart was in there.

Holy casablanca.

Absolutely crushed, and no 'it' to go along with it.

Making a point to find the silver lining.

Yeah i'm a rebel, but i have a cause, some would say a lot of hella good causes.

A tidal wave is coming.

Getting dangerous.

After running on fumes for a couple months my tank is finally empty.

Gotta gotta get down to get up.

From now on i'm going to spell fresh with a mint cookie.

Eager to witness a miracle in my lifetime.