Jan 2010 

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The greatest resolution, planning the beer of a lifetime.

If people had digg buttons on their foreheads, i would totally digg you.

I commit to where my productivity leads me, not where my productivity needs me, this is how i thrive, this is how i make what i do happen, and if it means my best idea comes to me in the middle of the night i need to get up and do it.

Measuring the capacity.

Chocolate milk should help.

I just want to go to bed with a content heart.

Sometimes you've gotta go for it even if you're not ready.

If only my ambitions had a direct relationship to my...

Always gotta kill the chipper in me.

Being a bowler has a little bit of value and being a web developer has a little bit of value, but being a web developer that bowls and suddenly your opportunities are four fold.

In a world that doesn't, bugsy does.

Now, throw in another skill set like communications and imagine what you'll be able to accomplish.


Truly, madly, deeply.

And it's not the hurt so good kind of hurt.

I've been at this fishing hole for a long time, and this big beautiful fish comes by and nibbles on my bait once in a great while, i haven't caught a fish in a long time and i really want this one, but i can't stay at this fishing hole forever, at some point i need to go home.

No single thing can make a man truly happy.

Breaking down without the brown.

Truly longer than the rest.

Good to finally get one in the win column


Could have been a statistician, or at least a social researcher.

Would be nice, but i invest it penny for penny.

Root beer floats are definitely principled.

Now that was meaningful.

Gotta work it and make it work.

There seems to be a strange correlation where the more productive of a day i'm having the more it looks like i just survived a tornado.

Trying to do it energizer bunny style.

Suddenly seven doesn't look so bad.

Motivation fail.

Resilience, for the comeback of michigan.

Always bake cookies for the team, it doesn't matter if they're kids or playing in the nhl.

I want the beastlies.

Oh the burn.

Like a hurricane.

There's gonna be a showdown.

The minimal amount of suckiness.

It may be snowing, but it's not gonna stop me from being on fire.

Yo fool, i serve it up like its 1988, and that's something you can't find anywhere else.

A lasagna for one.

Adding a new column to my life.

It's hard to find guys who want to rub your feet and talk about love.

The year's best kiss.

If that's what you're into.

Maybe there's just not enough ice cream on it.

Fool enough to not quite see it.

You have to prove to people that you're willing and able to take the leap.

Ain't got no girls n' spaghetti.

Social norms are an incredibly large inconvenience.