Dec 2009 

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Snap, broke off the limb on that one.

Didn't see that one.

Something has gotta get cut.

Honey, i shrunk the world.

I should shave, but I'm not going to. instead i will look like chewbacca wearing a suit.

It's a lie, but a effective marketing tactic to increase conversion rates.

All i want to do is work on bugsyland theme park.

Wake up slow, work harder as the day gets later, that's just how i roll.

Speak softly and carry a big mug.

Nasty 'stache is coming.

This one's for the toilet bowl.


This tea just might save me.

Oh great, you let the hat out of the bag now.

Raspberry lambic and dark chocolate.

A lot closer.

When ambition is present, grades become meaningless.

Prepping the queen.

Say uncle.

Pie, wine, and the arctic circle.

Wondering how much is left on the patience straw.

Grab her hand.

Perhaps not the answer.

I'm not concerned with fast or slow, i'm concerened with getting to the point which prospers and where it needs to go.

I need to get away and lock myself in a rustic cabin... with wifi.

My ear buds are not satisfied.

Patient yes, but every fisherman still has to go home and eat at some point.

I'm good at thinking about two things at once, but three things is much harder.

I have connected two dots that i haven't connected before, but i can't figure which one came first.

I must work wherever the motivation lies.

For nine years i waited for this and it all melted away before i woke up.

Might be time for a new fishing hole.

Allowing myself to do absolutely nothing today and and i need to be completely ok with that.

A few years ago this summer...

If your grandma tweeted i would totally follow her.

And the haystack just came to the top of the needle.

All you owe me is the same thing you owe yourself, and that's to make the most of everything.

Yes, i'm soft, again and again and again.

Giving it 2009 times one last time.