Nov 2009 

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I better try this cookies n' creme ice cream right now, so that when ice cream time comes in a couple hours i'll know which kind to have.

We got the dreamers disease.

He's as single as hole in a doughnut.

I put my lucky charms on backwards.

Yeah, i twirl.

This day has been conquered.

Once in a while, when i'm seducting women.

Please forgive my level of confidence in advance, as you will get hit on for the remainder of this conversation.

Execute, analyze, refine and repeat.

Imagine if Jack Kerouac ever said, I can't just get up and leave.

I need some grub in my tub.

If you love it, love it hard.

I think i am, but i know i'm not.

There is no such thing as too old or too young, there's just a correlation of how likely it is to work out in the end.

Inside padding or outside margin.

The stink eye is strong with this one.

Every adverse situation i have ever faced in life has improved after eating ice cream, it can do the same for you too.

I don't believe in too young or too old, just in a correlation of how likely it is to work out.

Variety is king.

Jedi ninjas give good hugs, just make sure you show them your sparkly eyes so they don't do jedi master ninja tricks on you.

If i get that, then i already scored.

Stool licker.

After giving lansing a six month warm up period to bugsy, it's time to drop it like it's hot and show them something they've never seen.

There's a cow lying on my living room floor.

My creativity is to be debated, as my thoughts work backwards, i suppose i'm an opportunist.

Prancing in lansing.

A handlebar mustache depends on what type of bike you have.

Oh the things we'll conquer.

Big dreams, big smiles, bigger tomorrows.

I like when i'm given options.

Can i be the difference maker.

Achieving milestones.

Sometimes you learn more as the victim than you do as the suspect.

Hey, i never claimed to be a manly man.

It's a good slogan, but an even better motto to live by.

Relaxed, at last.

Desserts are best when you can put one dessert in another dessert, cookies and creams ice cream for example.

Entirely random and entirely awesome.

Never say you don't need a yooper, we're like human swiss army knives, you never know when you might need one.

I'm down with the cause.

Kick some ass out there, fruit loop.

Hard workin' it.

A perfect night of the fixings.

Mitten with an s.

Don't waste productive energy on counter productive tasks.

I've got friends in all the right places, i just need not to forget it.