Oct 2009 

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I'm into flexible efficiency.

Be the option whore you were always meant to be.

Good thing my ice scraper was in that brown bag.

The epitome of working hard and playing hard.

Cheers, to the friends i see once a year.

Sometimes it's good to let the other guy take the lead for a little why, or at least make a comeback, before you finish them off, and it also just makes it burn a little more for them too.

Gotta always love giving a successful travel suggestion.

That weight is gone, looks like that one might be too, and with all hope so will this other one.

I've found something in lansing that i've been searching for in life for about six or seven years.

National kitten photoshoping day.

Like chocolate covered diamonds.

...interesting to see how they interact, but it's just bugsy being bugsy.

My brain is being squeezed dry.

It might be.

What a great octagon of friends i've found.

Not as good as last night, but still pretty flippin' good.

Producing a little more than a pigskin today.

I will become the abed of spoon wars.

'tis the season for all things, happiness, mega big crushes, productivity, hot chocolate and sweaters.

Energy efficient eskimos.

That was the furthest water spark ever.

Quite fearful of the inner circle, really.

I wish my left leg was as flexible as my right.

Really, it's just a way to make the mundane less mundane, or at least more confusing.

Hockey is truly my oldest pastime and my first love, and i was a player long before i was ever a fan.

You've gotta learn to ollie before you can kickflip.

You can do anything you want, just not everything you want.

Heads will roll.

Don't be a foolio.

High heels and high speed rail.

Lately there's been a lot of reminiscing of seven years back.

There will always be hope as long as there is pepper jack cheese.

Wood before screws.

Creating, doing, and spreading ideas with the brightest and smartest in michigan.

Hairy bone.

Thank you, world.

Dreams have intrinsic value.

If that's not related then chocolate chips and cookies aren't related either.

It's like wearing your favorite t-shirt all the time, sometimes you just have to mix it up to give the old boring t-shirts some love.

I used to get frustrated working at my apartment with my roommate who made lots of noise and i couldn't get work done, well it's the same thing at a real office too.

The two second curse and the two day cruise.

It's all in the socks.

Black wino.

This is where we store the bomb.

I'm sure stevie wonders all the time.

Ambition is sort of like a steamroller when it comes to relationships.

Until you execute something it really is just another measly little idea.

Snooze you win.

Trying to merge a hundred little pockets.

Whoa, i look good in sepia.

Proud provider of awkward moments.


I'm not driven by the intangibles, especially the cutesy little ones, those will not win me over, i'm driven by doing what i do best, by being me and the things i create.

Click here to download ice cream.

There are a number of things i love in life: hockey, snowboarding, ice cream, and worn out shoes, but near the top of the list are flirting with and crushing on girls.

Asymptote love.