Sep 2009 

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When it comes to my time i thrive, kicking ass and chewing bubble gum all along.

Eating at the big belly deli.

Failing mean camp while i pass nice camp with flying colors.

Measuring my confidence against my feasibility, i think feasibility is winning.

Pimple pocket.

Do not pass ego, do not collect two hundred dollars.

This is like a silverware orgy, you just don't know what you're going to grab.

Mmmm white balance turns me on.

The best ice cream i've ever had is always the ice cream i just had.

Mean people suck, is the most accurate bumper sticker message i've read.

Pout happens.

Worst goodbyes ever.

Lesson from nice camp, you just don't wanna be that guy.

Surround yourself with good people and others will join.

John daly is the new drink of choice.

Don't make the bed, i'll be home for lunch.

Beer, brats, and burgers are a good way to wrap up a day that started with bacon, beer, and sausage and was filled in the middle with football, sunshine, and friends.

Taller, older, and richer.

Simply put, she never annoys me.

I could probably roll over and see that for the rest of my life.

Foster, foster, foster, no matter what.

I used to be graceful.

She's not a sticky fly trap, she's a flippin' bug zappin' light.

Finally started something again.

Some of the greatest accomplishments in my life are things i started on a whim, the others were quite similar and just needed more time.

Your stock is growing.

The crush zone, squeeze it out.

Dear waitress, i don't care if you spill my beer on me, what i care is how you respond to it and being careless is not the answer, that goes along with all the mistakes in the world, mistakes happen, but it's how you respond that makes the difference.

Lazy funk.

Doing a line of blow up.

Putting the -ression in dep.

Have been spending time at headacheville for a what seems like a week, apparently i lost my directions to relaxationville.

You've gotta build employer equity.

Absolutely conquering ridiculous ambitions.

A bum that doesn't jiggle is hardly a bum at all.

The greatest night of my life in two years.

I flunked out of badass class.

Recovery and preparing for the next ignition.

There's only more thing i need to make this a perfect weekend.

Having a pretty big battle with altruism right now.

I like spikes, but i love long tails.

More than content being a thousandaire.