Aug 2009 

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My first drywall patch.

It's not the size of the tour that matters...

In a coffee shop mood, but my wallet disagrees.

...but only controlled curves.

There is a direct correlation between ice cream consumption and stylish skillz.

I've gotta cut out your head, then i'll be done.

Pleasure skills.

Headache poison and more questions.

Get the afghan.

Best to the test.

Pass it forward, to strangers.

What am i gaining other than less debt.

Why would they sew the pockets closed, that makes as much sense as baking a double chocolate fudge cake and then welding a steel box around it.

It's ok, i won't be thinking tomorrow.


Boom goes the rocket, high as the sky today, deep as the ocean, as wide as the universe, as amazing as orange sherbet.

There is something incredibly attractive about girls who drive mopeds.

Audi a3, you complete me.

I hate when i'm dumb, it's such an inconvenience, not only to myself but to others as well.

Sorry audi a3, you no longer complete me, pita chips now complete me.

Bringin' it to the competition, getting established, connecting, making cliques, all while staying in the background.

Putting the pun into spunk.

Hmmm can i last, or do i just create it.


Try to catch me ridin' dirty.

Breakfast b____.

R.o.i, return on innovation.

I'd rather work with someone full of passion and no skill, than full of skill and no passion.

Today's a good day to wear a big chocolate chip cookie costume and run down the street handing money.

Ugh, two, three, four.

Counting from ugh to ten.

Five foot awesome.

Yes, samurai swords are considered school supplies.

Well i laid off a little, i didn't want my hugs to overwhelm you.

Legendary pauses since three months ago.

Just like an ambulance crew i need to know my dispatch times, but in my case it is how fast i could get you a hug, should the need arise.

She obviously can't write a billboard if she can't write 140 characters.

Overcome with a deadly level of confidence today, this could be trouble if it keeps up.

Ginger and ginger.

Honorary yoopers unite.

That scooter girl is on my mind again.

The spontaneity i've been missing for six years.

The case of the mysterious vacuum has been solved, but revenge is still to come.