Jul 2009 

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Flying like tomatoes.

It's always a good day when the best idea you had during the day is achieved.

Exposed brick is to walls as lake superior is to lakes.

Its like when a dog calls out "hey human" when there's only one human in the room, it's pretty obvious who he's talking to.

Lots of besties.

Flippin' and tossin'.

For the sake of humanity, let's just hope he was drunk and that would be a better consequence.

Rice the squirrel's mom in korea.

Instead of daily fruit, i should start dirty fruit.

Fell off the track.

Aunts on a log.

Stuck with almond mounds.

It only takes a moment to fall in love.

Of course i have regrets, there is no shame in that, but most of them pertain to things i wish i had done, rather things i wish i hadn't done.

Driven by results.

I don't want to be cooler than you, i just want to be better than you.

Aha, oho, uhu.

I'm losing my straightness.

The maestro has arrived.

If i was there, i'd be there.

The hush.

Time to open up the flood gates.

Dude, give the fire some oxygen.

...yeah, but a badass sweetie.

Not scotty.

As few as possible, but as many as necessary.


Your calling is calling.

Pigs and giraffes are painting the grass.

I would rather be wanted than to be needed.

It's possible that cookie crisp could be man's greatest invention.

Don't let bags comp your steez.

I may be a tough cookie to crack, but i'm all gooey warm chocolate on the inside.

Gni rob.

I know exactly what i want to do.

Alright, owning an extravagant home wouldn't be so bad after all.

I hate it when my mouth is talking and my brain's not thinking.

Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug, and some days you're both.

There's no amount you're supposed to make, nothing you're supposed to do, just chase the dream and adjust accordingly.

You have nothing to be scared of, i am to humans as lady bugs are to bugs, just not as smelly.

If i ever have kids they will inevitably tease me for my excessive use and abuse of the word dude.

I have discovered that waking up an hour early to see friends first thing in the morning is way better than sleeping in an hour later to go to work the first thing in the morning.

Let's make it thunder, the brainstorm of the century.

Let's go executing.