Jun 2009 

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No lack of dedication, only lack of time.

We share our crayons.

We provide the ah ha moment.

We let the old lady cross the street first.

The egg.

Wings, dogs, burgers, what's it gonna be, just knock 'em down trial and error.

Good people rule.

Pepper jack is to cheese as superior is to lakes.

Corn, not so great. corn chex, amazing.

Why was your dinner stupid, did it not graduate from high school?

Romance is to women as ice cream is to bugsy.

...and hopefully eat lots of chicken water chestnut casserole.

I'm over it, bring it on home.

I mean you did a homework assignment on my baby.

Quiet dynamite.

Most of the time it's just all about doing.

Soft, subtle, and smooth.

I pass porsches with my escort.

One sacrifice from me and one sacrifice from you and we're just left with the middle ground, i just feel that with creativity this can compromise the final product, sometimes you just need to let someone run with it.

See you in sleepyville.

A series of wonderful headaches.

Pleasant pheasant present.

Not only does coffee run right through me when i drink it, but it seems that when i drink one cup of coffee i have to pee four cups worth.

If you ask me things like experience, skills, and education hardly matter, life is about doing, nike has known this all along, just do it.

Out burning.

I create positive first impressions of people by finding what i like in them first and foremost.

When cars collide.

Oh the history...

Truly the best place to be.

Mothers, fathers, and nephews.

While crossing the mighty mack i got out six dollars so i could pay for the guy behind me for the three dollar toll, however he wasn't patient enough to wait behind just one car so he sped over to the other lane, i guess he wanted to pay his own toll.

I dig you like i dig holes, deeep.

Your ideas are showing.

Too many baskets and not enough eggs to even put one in each.




Ice cream.



Good fortune has allowed me to forget.

Reelin' in the vacay.

Mosquitoes suck, get it?

The most creative eighty year old man i've ever known, and handy too.

For a workaholic i'm not a very hard working one.

A nine point one on the bugsy rocker scale of love.

Chief conversation starter.

Dressed in sarcastic camouflage.