May 2009 

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The b-hive is makin' honey.

Bugsy the backronym.

Punching you would be a disgrace to my fist.

Sanity is overrated.

Five jars of mayonnaise.

It's good to get dirty, that's what showers are for.

Is your thumb any smaller today or is it still the size of a walrus?

I eat my phloem bundles.

I can never find the section of the store that sells cuddles and spooning, sigh.

Just busted out the best dance move of my life and it is to never be repeated again.

I wanna max out.

There are sixteen little bits in a while.

The busys.

Setting sail on the partner ship.

It could have been better.

Really, i could have lived here.

A new life.

Where we were is where we were at.

Day one.

Two strings on a can.

Filling time and poking boundaries.

I didn't know american idol was a requirement, i'm going to have to learn about pop culture and fashion if i want to join the conversation.

Conference number one.

I don't read books, i read people.

Chuck nasty.

It's going to be a repeat of the future.

Water juice.

What the what.

Earned his m&ms today.

Bonding five seconds at a time.

Can no longer keep up, the quintessential is at risk.

Still adjustining.

Putting ducks on plates with a hot groove on.

Feelin' all swishy on the outside.

Looovvvvesss iitttt.