Apr 2009 

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I was kind of going for corny, it's my m.o.

I am more concerned with today than i am tomorrow, yet i am more concerned with tomorrow than i am yesterday.

You should probably get a new stomach, that's the problem, a stomach that hates ice cream and bacon? that's like a flower that hates sunlight.


Know what they like, plant a seed.

Kinda epic.

Smooth and soothe.

Chicken nachos for the soul.

I have found my purpose and direction once again.

number two is an incredible feat.

I don't seek forgiveness, i seek dominance.


Is that the future in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.


Why would you have cotton candy when you can just have bacon.

Ready for home.

Pimp 'n stick.


Back and forth, back and forth, just give me some supreme.

The peace lasted for one hour.

Projected, not like election night but more like craft night.

It says a thing or two, perhaps about productivity.

Facing the d-word.

It's not that i don't like ketchup, it's just that by putting it on it's one more step between deliciousness and my mouth.

Heart's all twisted up in itself.

These snowflakes are slapping me in the face.

My new project in life is to find some celery.

Its like having twenty boxes of toaster strudels that came without the frosting.

I crush often and i crush hard.

The bugsy express.

Giving you the stink eye.

I have a good problem.

When it rains, it pours, how very fitting.

Finally chewing on some celery, i think i'll put some cheese on it.

Drop the c-bomb.

Out come the headphones, on goes miles davis, down goes mint chip ice cream, it's time to get creative.

Do your ears glow on the inside?

I don't make obstacles, i break them down.

Well it's like this... when i eat a cupcake i'm not looking for just frosting and i'm not looking for just cake, i'm looking for the delicious combination of frosting and cake together.

Maybe this dream has gotten a little old.

Quack quack quit being a lame duck.

I don't believe in planning, i believe in doing.

The queen bee is going to be upset with my productivity and not making enough honey.