Mar 2009 

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Productivity has reached zero for the day, time to reload.

Unrefined eagle.


Happy square root day, c'mon dude, enjoy the little amusements in life a little 'eh.

I don't believe that justin timberlake brought sexy back, i believe that charts and graphs brought sexy back.

Of course not everything has the tail of a kangaroo, some things just have the tail of a bear.

Don't make me give you an exponential butt kicking.

They say it's best not to burn any bridges down, but sometimes it's just fun to watch them come crashing down.

If i could afford to eat bacon every meal for the rest of my life... i wouldn't care if i only lived seven more months.

Cuz you write it so good baby.

Chipmunk tails growing from my elbows.

Perhaps the least amount of effort i've ever seen.

She probably doesn't want to walk that road anymore.


Your mom should have notes.

Dreamin' tough.

Droppin' like asteroids.

You can edit me.

It's not clean until it's clean.

If my hair was this sexy every night...

Gotta quit actin' a fool, why is there no brownie in my mouth?

Well i'm sure it's not too late, i don't believe in too late, every relationship can be reconciled. if you'd like me to call white russian for you and i can assure you he has no hard feelings towards you. i don't think he intended to do what he did, he just thought you were into that sorta thing.

Symmetry is overrated.

How is it that my ability to make girls swoon has devolved?

I put cocaine in my camera.

He looks like a good guy... but then again, so do i.

If i wasn't so _____, i'd be a half decent guy too.

Maybe i'm just not that interesting.

And one.

When you go a year without television and have it once again you realize two things, first how mesmerizing it really is, then how stupid most of it really is.

Audio treats.

Meat candy.

I live vicariously... through myself.

Chasing pavement.

A rainbow striped unicorn squirrel.

Flexing my social media muscles.

Bugsy and the terrible, horrible, no good, very sick day.

Grown on a tree this week.

Master of the friend zone.

Schoooooops and hoooooops.

Did the domain fairy put anything under your pillow last night?

A few looks.


Diamond in my mind.

Tomorrow was the best day ever.

I have a hunchy hunch hunch.