Feb 2009 

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Chest rubs are even more effective than mint chip ice cream.

My casualness vs. their professionalism, i feel that's often a disconnect.

Why are twist ties used for loafs of bread and those tiny plastic things used for hamburger and hot dog buns?

Can't dodge the radio.

Z is the new s.

Perhaps the only thing better than bread is toast.

One year, two notches.

I have a cookie problem.

Sprinkling some magic beard-be-gone powder over selective parts of my face so that a handlebar mustache remains.

Beef face.

Disorganized hair.

Become the deposit machine you've always dreamed of.

Fried and bendered.

I want you.

No, lamprey.

My trunk is pretty big.

The hair gods did not intend for me to have straight hair.

Brick walls exist for a reason.

It's not the complete solution for a sad heart, but mint chip ice cream will have to do for now.

Alright, so my burrito making skills are pretty lackluster, but that doesn't mean i can't scarf one down.

I think that we're probably the same kinds of weird, which means we just come across as normal to each other.

The good thing about my aching little heart is that for some reason it makes me feel like the quintessential bugsy again.

Our bellies may be bigger, but we do have more wisdom.

Regrettably, the amount i read is rather minimal, however i feel that the amount of knowledge and value i gain from reading is far above average.

I have ideas and they are dangerous.

I get upset when people say their tummy hurts after eating chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream, clearly it's because they simply did not eat enough of it.

Is robust.

Tats, tots, and tits.


Balls and all.

We are old men my friend, i've got custom matching canes on order, thanks for the matching fur coats.

Broken eyes, broken fingers, broken hearts.

If i was in a fishing competition for girls i would use godiva chocolate for bait.


Your genius is showing.

Legit, since 1983.

Get up in my nook.

I haven't come to too many conclusions in life, but one definite conclusion is that variety truly is the spice of life, and absolutely nothing about variety is overrated.

Relentless and tenacious.

I will always fizzle out.

Floating rocks or floating rocks.

Looking to maximize the frosting to wheat ratio.

Put in sun, add water, wait.

You seem like good people, and by chance i just happen to like good people.

Hopefully some miracle blesses my life like a squirrel who can give a piggyback ride to an elephant.

None, i am a chick flick.

How pancakes saved the world.

Holy eskimo!

At the heart of things i believe i have always been most concerned with creation.

Red on blue on red.