Jan 2009 

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Three hundred sixty-five new opportunities and almost just as many resolutions to make, here's to living each day to the fullest.

Guns reduce the population, sperm increases it, hence sperm trumps guns.

Pretty sure that my hometown invasion tour hangover has lasted this long, and hoping that it's over.

Just because i don't have a problem with it doesn't mean it's not annoying, it just means that the value at the other side is completely worth the time.

Saltine brittle.

If i am notorious for anything, there is probably nothing i am more notorious for than sleeping in cars.

The lovers want minis, minis that are adopted from the hood in compton.

Yes, i often refer to myself as 'we', because i have a team of little monsters who work for my endlessly, but they are invisible and can't be seen.

Surely people would change the way they play monopoly if they just knew which properties were landed on most frequently, there are powers in numbers and advertisers should be finding out which properties are landed on most frequently.

What the wtf.

Let it simmer.

Scaffolding is fascinating.

Well i'm at that intersection right now, and u-turns are illegal.

A whatevership.

Don't be all scrunch face.

My neurons just aren't firing in sync today.

Be me.

Slow down my friend, just sloooowwww down.

A zamboni just drove by outside.

Investigating hunches.

Seeking simple things with good people.

That was very uncharacteristic.

There's no such thing as enough snow, it's an oxymoron.

A squiger would be the best animal ever, half squirrel, half tiger.


I got the benies.

Spiral bound notebooks without perforated pages should have been banished about twenty-six years ago.


That's like a round of making out with nap included.

I don't believe in too cold for ice cream.

You know, it would be really nice if i had someone to make brownies and cookies for on a weekly basis, and no i don't mean a roommate.

No, it's not bugsy siegel, it's bugsy the seagull.

Mmmmmz i gotz browniez in my mouth.

There is no question that i found some motivation lately, welcome round two, now the problem is to find motivation in things that make money, but fruit is better for you than money.

Speechless with the perfect mixture of inspiration and hope.

When making a sandwich one should always align the slices of bread correctly so they remain symmetrical, this is a essential practice in perfect sandwich making.

You've got some chocolate on your sleeve.

I want to create recursive acronyms all day long.

Leaving extra time on the microwave should be considered an act punishable by banishment.

If only i didn't have to pace while talking on the phone, it's just that if i don't pace my thoughts run into a road block.

Spending twenty-five cents at the glumball machine.

Maybe i'll send her a high school senior photo just to let her know i'm interested.

I'm not always the nicest boy in the sandbox, but i build the biggest sand castle.

Gettin' my jelly belly on.

These socks create an enormous amount of static electricity, i get shocked nearly every time i move.

Holy cow, this is the finest spoon i've ever used, the width, the concaveness, the strength, it just fits my mouth to perfection, i must find a secret place to keep it.

That's a problem in life right now, i know so many incredible people but they are spread out like pollen in the springtime.

I never feel bad for eating too much ice cream, that's one of the most ridiculous thoughts i've ever heard, the more i eat the better i feel.

Trends should be cared for more delicately than one time occurrences.

Simply, my greatest concern is to keep progression alive in relationships, believing that no matter what stage it's at or the adversities it faces, that it can always prosper.

Teeth marks all over my tongue, ouch.

Picked the bucket up fast, and dumped it out even faster.

Ohh it's like an orange orgasm.

My ego is on lunch break while i'm stuck here eating wafers, and i don't mean nilla wafers either.

Frosted mini-wheats taste so good that it doesn't matter that they feel like you're eating tiny splinters of wood.

When there is no confidence in the confidence being restored, i don't believe it will be restored, but when there is confidence at least there is a chance at restoring confidence.

Copiers are the root of all evil, not money.

Mmm speaking of nutrition, i want some bacon.

Cologne? axe body spray? screw that, just hand me the febreze.

It'll be three years in may, i'm not sure how i feel about that.

If you're reading this, just to let you know, it doesn't take much to make me feel guilty.