Dec 2008 

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Wishing for a human to replace the laptop.

My life has just been one big 'eh lately.

I have a very active brain, no doubt, but consistent is one thing it is not.

Practicing with my bew and arrow.

Life is an interesting thing to say the least, a dear friend moved on but a good life lived as i sort it out for inspiration and motivation.


Bacon persuasion.

Gotta brush the eating machine.

First find a niche, then expand.

Man of action.

The inspired life.

Benches encourage admiration.

Frustrated by the level of confidence i have versus the level of funding i don't have.

I just got schooled by a blizzard.

One last time for a few weeks.


The fly has flown out of my soup and into my life.

Stay marvelous.


Harvesting creativity.

On a mission to chill.

Whoever invented the client should rot.

Because he already chewed off your ear lobes and is hungry for more.

I will be eating kid cereals until the day i die, and eat them proudly.

There is no fruit in here, go back to your hole.

Sailoreezied in 1983.

Everybody needs a fishbowl.

What were once my peaks are now my valleys.

Everything was better back when everything was worse.

The monday blues, no, it's not a case of the mondays, that's different.

Don't be down about your losses, but rather be up about your gains.

It has always seemed to me that you've been stuck between embracing your identity as a small town guy, and feeling drawn toward big exciting things that take you away from the small town.

The six degrees of wikipedia.

Do you always have to bring wikipedia into it?

I don't want it in writing, i want it on my desk.

Being shy is so 1999.

A million dreams that roar, that is where i'm at.

I long to own great silverware without a single matching piece.

What do you mean don't let it get the best of me, it is the best me.

I feel as if my nose needs more RAM, or perhaps my brain, as it seems to take a long time for me to sense a smell even when my nose is next to something.

Acclamation of people.

I have an impulsive need to have things quantified.

Mmm bacon, i'm pretty sure it will be the death of me.

Also, i find myself to be a very reminiscent and reflective person.

Bacon fetish.

Training for the british bobsled team.

Perhaps, and quite possibly, the answer all comes down to fear of commitment.

I have a thing for girls with rosy cheeks, either lightly sunburned or from the cold of winter.

In my opinion there is no such thing as a question that crosses boundaries.

It sucks when you drop a crumb of something that matches the carpeting you dropped it on.

It's a bit strange to feel guilty about sending out invoices.

Hear me out right now, i will never buy a car with a "trunk", they are the most impractical things in the world, hatchback and wagon for life, baby.

Ten pounds of a potatoes in a two pound bag.

Not sure what i think about people having to be "ready" for christmas.

Hire me, my skills include optimization and mopping, but most of all my expertise in mopping optimization.

Learning that life is all about how you handle adversity, and that those who handle adversity the greatest general do better in life, this is one of those times i need to handle the adversity.

Count, count, count.

A crushaholic.

If it can be known, count me in.

Yeah tell me about, i'm like a sailor when i'm sober.

Try again, fail again, fail better.

Two steps forward one step back, two steps forward one step back.

Intrinsically may have taken over as my favorite word, beating out quintessential.

It's amazing how a terrible food experience when you're five years old can affect you for decades and decades.

Happy that the days are finally getting longer.

Sneakering around town.

It's all in the white balance, baby.

The last day and wishing i was somewhere other than here, somewhere with an el, no els in marquette.