Mar 2012 

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Education reigns.

The passion project agency.

To call it a passion project would be underestimating.

The biggest frustration is from how much I believed in myself.

That's cuz' I'm wearing shoes.

Chasing bigfoot.

Here's to those who speak for the trees.

I'll take that as a compliment since there aren't many times I'm put into the "true man" category.

The cost and price of an idea.

Gretzky never played with kids his own age.

Kings vs. Wings.

Ain't no stopping.

More precision, more efficiency, more better.

It feels like this winter never happened, better luck next year.

The price I pay for working hard.

If only there was a Javascript onlick event.

Tonight, I could drive forever.

Living a modest life and loving it.

Friday is my night to reset.

Is it just in Western culture where we so often think we know what's best for ourselves? I could do with less of that.

Now with more rock n' roll.

Superman focus.

One more for the ages.

Throw your stick at our bench and I'll throw it over the glass. Here, let me demonstrate.

Rest most.

The only time that creamed corn can be more refined than Abraham Lincoln.


Early up, early down.

In my own way.

In the end, nothing can be full throttle.

Sir, step away from the code.

Let it become bigger than you.

Battle of the introvert.

If I could I'd fold myself in two.

No clue if I'm doing life the right way, but I'm giving it more than the college try.

Sqroppin' squigers.

Never lead an album with the best song.

I've sqropped before and I'll sqrop again.

I won the first three weeks of March, but lost this one.

I was sixteen once.