Aug 2008 

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The doctor diagnosed me with starving artist syndrome.

I'll bring the experience, you bring the spice, preferably garlic if you could.

It's new, it's fresh, i feel great, let's just hope for the best this time around, apple and out.

Without doubt, i can now conclude who it is.

First it was gang green, then it was the sweater party, now it's polka fest.

I am gizzard boy.

Well i'm not into expensive cookware unless it magically adds more flavor.

I have knocked out two major sources of stress, this month will be better than last, and really, last month wasn't all that bad, just one or two weeks of it.

I never want to be in the everyone category.

Good client work, good business, good sales, good production, today was a good day and i should learn how to repeat these sprinkles.

Thank goodness for roommates who let you borrow their superior camera lenses.

I am not rich.

My pick up lines aren't green.

We will have to wait one hundred years to see eight eight eight again.

Imagine the chaos if it was illegal to split toppings on one half of a pizza, it would be absolute chaos.

Biting my tongue and daydreaming.

Wasn't sure what to say at any point of the evening, found no need to talk, just wanted to be.

Ten for ten.

I'll do this until i don't do it anymore, and then i'll do something else.

Twelve for eleven.

I'm good at wanting things, but i'm bad at getting them.

Whoa block.

Table tennis and toast complete me.

Gotta catch me some of them flips.

When i die, no matter when it is or if it's too early and too unexpected, please assure me that you won't put an r.i.p. sticker on your car or truck with initials to honor me, please.

Keep it breezy cover girl.

Furry furry blurry.

I found you mazzy, but i don't think you know who i am.

Some say that beggars can't be choosers, but i think beggars are choosers.

Regret and envy, there is a lot more to this than what you are reading by the way.

But you have all your other fancy dancin' boys.

Work before play and play before work.

Oh yeah i forgot, no pepperoni.

I've got the grumps.

Pumpin' and rollin' with steez and crew, gotta make it home by nine.

Remember when frankenstein was around.

Missing ice breakers on the first day of class in college.

I don't want it to be like a beef patty.

To put nuts in ice cream should be a crime, it just doesn't make sense, i guess i just don't like nuts whatsoever... oh wait, there is one kind of nut that i just love... doughnuts, those are really good nuts.

Death by allergies, c'mon what the heck is out in the end of august to make me feel this miserable.

Today doesn't have to end.

You bring out the gas in me.

Come get your beez, you know i got it.

Ahhh the wonders of waking up to a jack hammer.

I didn't say it'd be a functional baby, just a pretty one.

Going above and beyond, bride and groom photo style.

Less money on rent, more money on ice cream.