Jul 2008 

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Canada day, we will never forget.

Really, people call me that, and yes i'm that guy that went to fifty states, is there anything else.

It's my favorite gesture.

What part of red or yellow don't you understand.

Must... employ... self...

At least i didn't have to dry off with a hand towel this time.

Pop rocks in the sky.

Three for five, a tradition in the making.

If for only one night.

Am i that serious, really, hmmm not sure how i feel about that.

Flannel bugs and smith.

I'm just not sure if i can do this anymore.

While I was traveling the country all the pretty girls were being snagged up.

Starting to push hard and i'm either going delusional or else i can actually see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel all while my mind and heart are twisted into a big giant hairball.

Who you know gets you the job, but what you know keeps the job.

Ordinary people with extraordinary dreams, absolutely everyone.

Ninety percent of thinking is a waste of time, turn it into action, and i need to improve me action to thinking ratio.

This is turning into a pilot test for a much larger and very feasible idea.

B bl blo blow blowin' up.

Thirty percent of the time it works every time.

Taking seriousness seriously, with my cravings and the bucket list.

It feels that i'm a million miles away, but i know that is light at the end of the tunnel.

If a dream is so good that you lose sleep over it, and seems so real that you think it's happening, and then you wake up and realize it was just a dream, at some point can that be considered a nightmare as well, because it really stinks.

Exploding headache of stress.

It's three in the morning and this never ends, this isn't why i got into it, i must find a way to work solely for myself, no clients, no bosses, just me.

Eighty percent of success is showing up, the other twenty percent is eating mint chip ice cream.

Elmo snickers.

The cupcake crusher.

Tingle tingle.

Not following in love at a coffee shop.

That's a pretty sweet invitation, can't say no to that, where are the sprinkles.

Bananas just don't look as tasty when they're next to a plate of cupcakes and brownies.

Oh c'mon, i got frosting up my noise again.

Banana banana banana plum, banana banana banana plum.

Not so hot, not so hot, stop having all these bad thoughts.

It's not that i have too much on my plate, it's just that i have too much asparagus and not enough jello.

Shuck or chuck, i just don't know which one.

There better be some cheese between the bread.

I suppose all i can do at this point is just cross my fingers that i'm making the right decision.

Oh, and pretty today too, goes along perfect with this soft portrait of a wildflower.

I am life's third wheel this month.

All of my hope lies within one word, bob.

It's not that i just learned how stressful life can be this week, but i think what i learned is that sometimes when you order a coffee you get a smoothie, and no matter what sometimes there is just nothing you can do about it, even if it's an asparagus flavored smoothie.

Pork comes from porkapines.