Jun 2008 

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The one game hang.

Rockin' it with izzy for two years.

From the last banana to the first pomegranate, here I come again.

Old sailors never die.

Forestry lesson 201.

I hate thirty-four seconds.

Imagine blocking a slapshot with your face.

Time click, time click, time click.

Mmm the sweet taste of four cups in eleven years.

Pet peeve weekly, messy counters, i just can't stand them.

It's mustache season

The first summer storm, thunder and rain as i sleep.

I know what i'm talking about, even when i don't know what's being talked about.

I'm versatile, dynamic, i change with the wind, look once and there i am, look twice and boom, i'm gone.

The hipster blues.

Or should i say daily gardettos.

My favorite combination is one of the short stubby ones with sesame seeds on top of one of the rye bread chips.

Sweet and swell.

I could skip stones for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

I get very enthusiastic when people ask me about different parts of the county, i just light up.

The professor's cube is stumping me.

Looking forward to friday the thirteenth.

My g.i. joes just schooled your transformers.

If i ever meet someone who's missing both their thumbs i'll measure their nose and tell them, if you had thumbs they would be this long.


How many toes do you have.

Gotz mo skillz than ur samurai.

Thirteen, thirteen, thirteeeeeeennn.

You can't get lost if you don't know where you're going.

It is no longer called my idea box, but my 'generic list of things bugsy wants to do box'.

Men can love fruity body wash too.

Cabin is to yooper as cottage is to troll.

It's like having to choose between just one bite of your favorite ice cream or having a whole gallon of boring ice cream.

Love, minus toast, equals butter.

It's pathetic to be jealous of a fictional character, or is it.

The poof is in the pudding.

Let's go swimming, ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Less traffic, less construction, less light, more music.

Michigan water.

This land means more to me than it does to them.

Stone skipping professor, ...with red skin.

Opportunities have just become more stressful.

Moon fest.

The longest day of the year on the longest shift of the year cut short by one of the nicest ladies, now it's my turn for a drink.

Catching up on several days and nights with not enough sleep.

Snuggy snugg snugg.

You're kidding, a flat tire on my way to a job interview, it's like straight from a movie, thanks for the patience folks.



Standing at the fork in the road and pacing in circles.

Bugsy is a metaphor.

It's a rebuilding year.

All these people who complain about boring never consider that it might just be them.

Posted and sealed.

More laid back than a lawn chair.

I'm pretty sure that on my trip every single mom hugged me when i had to leave.


Guess what i just did.

Life is just a big series of if statements.

For my first time ever i have said 'my home is your home' and instantly a flash of memories came to mind of the dozens of people who have said the same thing to me.

In da swamp, in da swamp, in da swamp.

Insomnia, what's going on, this is ridiculous.