Sep 2008 

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Is that a brownie on your face or is that your eyebrow.

I'm bringin' down the anthill ya'll.

I feel like death, by allergies, i think i'm going to go sleep in the claritin factory.

If anything is going to cure these allergies, i bet it would be chocolate milk, i better get a couple gallons.

Health is king, and today i am losing, feeling bleh all around and even a good business day doesn't help, because at the end of the day being alive is better than even the best day of business.

God was at the top of his game when he created you.

Chris is right, maybe i'm finally coming to the realization that running sucks.

It's been a full year, yup, a full year and i am in denial, no doubt about it, i mean really what i have accomplished since, i am not where i should or could be.

I want to attend a big professional conference of some related field, then i would feel like a professional.

Much better run, much worse coffee.

Warning, what you read on this page will be quite boring.

The numbers show all the potential, but there just need to be a few more.

I'm not talking about it today.

That day seems very distant now.

What has gone on in the last seven years.

On a wing, wind and a prayer.

Take it easy, keep it breezy.

I only buy doublemint gum, and i'm not entirely sure because when other people offer me a different variety of gum i gladly accept then to realize it is usually better than doublemint, oh well, when life hands you gum, eat it.

When i own my own ice cream shop it's going to be called 'one more scoop', and when people order a one scoop cone they'll get two scoops, and when they order a two scoop cone they'll get three scoops, that's how i roll when it comes to ice cream, always one more scoop.

I really don't like basic ball point pens. but sometimes they're just the best math for the writing surface you're given.

This is by far the best pad of paper i have ever used, but to find a pen with the right amount of absorbency has been a challenge.

I scrubbed myself down with a steak this morning.

I always find it sad when i eat the banana with the sticker on it, because usually there's only one sticker in a bunch of bananas.

Is margarine on sale today, or how about white bread.

Reunion festivities.


Reunited with lord stanley.

I miss being absolutely ridiculous.

More hours on wheels.

Speaking in bullet points.

Cuz i'm yours to keep if you want to, that's all i have today is some crummy lyrics from a pretty good song, bounce bounce bounce.

It's a very strange feeling to be wearing only one sock.

Can i have some monies to investify.

That's what the internet is, a big fad, every site is just a big fad, or a little fad for some amount of time.

No hour gobblers in my office.

My goal is to win one costume contest this year.

Fool me once, strike one, fool me twice, strike three.

I can't tell if i hear dripping rain or if it's sizzling bacon, i really hope it's the latter.

Zippy, what a great word.

Justin just solved your mom's rubik's cube.

I don't know why or how my brain goes where it does, it confuses me just like anyone else, but really i just let it go about its business.

You know what... i think i'll just put apple sauce in my nalgene bottle.

Giving props so you don't have to.

And the last rule is to throw out all the rules.

I love bad puns, as long as they're not on a t-shirt.

I'm kind of over misty may, that was sooo two months ago, now it's all about tina fey.