Oct 2008 

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Well the dictionary knows.

Ughhhh, i don't have any __________ and it is the single most important thing for anyone who is self-employed.

I call it the hitchhiker.

I really need to filter out my projects, narrow them down, mostly the stuff for others, and find a way to focus on the big things i want to do and making a living off of them.

World class hugs since 1983.

Today i choose to be the windshield.

Not as good as one year ago, two years ago, or even three years ago, not a good sign.

Drinking rock juice.

Throwing up rock juice.

Eat the broken pretzels first.

With me, at me, or all out against me.

What don't you know and how will you learn it?

I am totally going to name my first kid spatula.

Seven years.

Jell-o ripples.

Your advertisement will resume in thirty seconds.

I guess you could say i am meticulously planning my next move.

Since i grew up in the upper peninsula it's only natural to assume that every consumes at least a pound of meat per day.

Every single box in checked in my mind except for the promise of demand, that's the only thing in question.

It equals twenty nine.

Knocking down the icicles.

Lonely and lame.

You're supposed to be writing a book.

Not where i should be.

I would be a connoisseur of bacon, ice cream, and bacon ice cream.

But i don't have anything to fry except rice and squirrel doesn't taste that good, especially plastic squirrel.

When you're high performance every day you just don't notice those things.

Anyone can master complexity, simplicity is what's difficult.

In life i apply hockey rules and advertising rules to everything.

I'm not good at knowing what to do, just good at knowing what not to do, but at the same time that doesn't mean i don't do it, whatever it may be.

I wonder who eats more mint chip ice cream, barack obama or john mccain.

I don't understand why people need alcohol or drugs when they could just have mint chip ice cream.

My new goal... to make it into the guinness book of world records by building the world's largest mint chip ice cream snowman.

Busy inventing a cereal bag and box combination where the little crumbs fall through the holes at the bottom and don't end up in your bowl.

A project.

Old enough to know better and young enough not to care.

How do you always know the exact second i'm thinking about you.

He act a fool.

Oh, by petoskey.

Meet up, tweet up, rock up, and any other way possible as long as it's up, that's how this week is going.

Dumbfounded, that's all i can say.

It's not that i'm random, no more than anyone else, i just reveal a precisely strategic portion of my thoughts.

Too many appetizers and no main course, but appetizers are the best part.

Unlimit yourself and you will enable your potential.

You had me at ambitious.

I tried to brush away all the lame face, but i don't think i got it all.

The puds do america.

After years of debate, maybe it is a peanut butter cracker afterall.

I'm not looking for anything and hoping for everything.

I hate when the rain, snow, and sleet is always changing and having to change my wiper blades speed every five seconds for nearly five hundred miles.

Your broom just got dominated by my swiffer.

A depressed optimist and/or an upbeat pessimist.

Should I be concerned that my roommate just bought a gun with a bayonet?

I figured it was always been my lack of style, rather than style, that people loved about me.


Come influence the bigness.

Scarves are just a way to compensate for poorly designed jackets.

I hate when there's an elbow in my soup.

Ok, that was bad, but on a side note i got a full night of sleep, kool aid time.

Give me a chest bump.

You can thank me by not calling me ma'am.

Hey rubik's cube, can i take your picture.

Doors are going to be a huge problem tonight.