Jul 2006 

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The waning season.

As my roots grow deep in the earth.

It's not by chance that the most difficult things in life are also the right things in life.

Mr. patriotic didn't show up today.

Letting my time go to the hairball.

From astronauts to whipper snappers you won't find anything more than a burrito in this cabin fever.

Observation, observation, observation, now that's instinct.

My desk is painfully stressful.

Something new in a wolrd three quarters blue.

Taking a crazy year to secure my career, that's how you have to do it on mondays.

The fringes are unraveling, the holes are swelling, and the glaciers as well, from now on.

Over thirty years of histoy in this house with one family and to seet it all go.

Struggle to call an end, i fear being mean, i get lazy in the middle of the week, there's three boxes of ice cream in the freezer, several dozen sweet cherries to eat, and all I can think of is how beautiful this camera is... alright, the camera might not be beautiful itself to most people, but if something makes beauty, wouldn't that thing that makes the beauty also be beautiful.

How does one get rained out at a place called rainey park, that's not acceptable.



Move three steps to the left and a hundred miles the front.

I have five thousand new people to reach.

I love girls with beautiful hand writing, huge turn on.

Like a pimpin' alphabet rhino, all twenty-six letter strong.

From a little big dream to making my pitch at one of the world's largest corporations, from tiny to big, it's amazing how watermelons grow... orbit orbit orbit.

A fresh perspective on marriage, life, and love... after five years of observing their relationship from a distance we all got to see up close and personal.

The first day of the rest of our lives.

A good idea never dies.

Things change, people move on, and grapes will always turn brown, but somebody told me once that grapes make wine.

With one good idea, one mediocre press release, just enough orbit, and enough drive, ambition, and vision... there was that movie that says, if you build it they will come, and they have, from that one idea, what will be the next idea.

Together everyone achieves more.

Bugsy rocked.

Those huggles really get me in the mood for ice cream.

Struggling with my addiction has never been so easy, one bowl after the other, while some people smoke bowls, i just use them for ice cream.

Unemployed and homeless, it's a strange feeling, but it's going to be an amazing year, well... i wouldn't say i'm homeless, just without a bed, without a room, without my own domain, home is something in addition to have a roof over your head, i'm going to have fifty different homes this coming year.