Aug 2006 

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I think the pavement is melting.

It's a full count.

Open the blinds slowly.

Big ideas, big resources, and maybe being a client before an employee, which seems very possible after all the things put forward in a few months time, saying that i'm stoked wouldn't begin to describe it all.

Phun happens.

From the calm to the storm as the trees become less and the pavement becomes more.


The waiting game of hope.

Perspectives change as life reaches the people closer to you.

Sorting out different piles of enthusiasm.

Mastering my swirl.

This summer i taught myself how to be a triple threat and achieve, a year ago i only had one threat, if that, and it was to dream, dream, dream.

I'll be leaving at the hardest time of year, when everyone is coming back i'll be leaving, a hard place to leave, but a transition that's required.

Interested, interested, more interested, more interested, and suddently no interest at all becuase i ate too many oreos.

I've come to see america.

I need some curiosity reduction pills.

I'm long removed from feelings.

Perfectly imperfect.

Reaching pinnacle.

After all this jabbering it was that simple and came down to being fine and dandy, as i thought it would, and i'm sure it will years from now, so thanks.

Unsettled nerve.

Celebrate for a minute and then back to work.

Enjoying last hurrahs.

Cutting the last of my ties.

Calming my fear of this grand adventure.

I realize that there will be no last of my worries.

Oogling and oogling.

Bumming around, bumming around, a few calls, bumming around, bumming around, a few calls.

A ngiht here, a night there, it won't really matter and i can save a few bucks, and honestly... it'll double my fun, sorry.

At the end of the day.

Not since mother's day.

Enough of the meaningless yapping, i'm trying to relax.

A beautiful pancake.

Speaking bugsy.

A good friend who settles even the biggest of nerves and offers the greatest of hugs is sincerely heartfelt.

My yawn is louder than my yell.

Today is new years eve, as i'm on the brink of something entirely new starting for a year tomorrow, exciting, different, and an adventure that's going to bring me more than i ever imagined.