Jun 2006 

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But i don't know how to sew.

Getting my doctoral degree in dreaming.

There are no rules, they are how they are.

Mine as well get rejected tattooed to my forehead.

We need some cultural exchange in this war, we'll send michael jackson and neverland ranch to the middle of baghdad and put saddam hussein in the san diego zoo.

Five years later with two degrees and i'm basically scratching my head over the very same things.

I don't care if the puzzle isn't complete as long as all the pieces are there.

No i'm not feeling evil today.

Breaking out of the box and into the orbit.

Everyone moves on in their lives, even those endlessly supportive and encouraging friends and it's been amazing.

I smell of fruit.

The replacements.

Put some bling in that vinyl wallet.

In the last minute there's always compatibility issues.

There aren't many years between high school graduation and college graduation, but there are a lot of experiences.

The individual versus the three big lines.

Stop being clever and start being randy.

Waiter, there's soup in my fly.

There's a beauty in this sport.

There is a stark contrast in people between those who are believers and those who are not, or you could say the optimistics and pessimistics. For all the people who's negativity is thrown into the dreams of others to try to rattle them is the exact reason why a project like this is needed. It's amazing the absolute contrast in people.

Vroom vroom goes the kart, i'm gonna one-up you baby.

Whoa whoa, hold off on the ranch dressing.

Hanging from an envelope tree.

For all the passion and a lifetime of it.

Take a bite out of crime and hug a bugsy.

Question session.

I'm boycotting people.

That's got quite of bit of orbit to it.

Does anyone have a plunger i can borrow.

Holy eskimo pants.

A plethora of useless knowledge, i guess that's better than a plethora of useful knowledge.

Thanks for covering, good manners there.

Rollin' in the jimmies, thanks a lot, mine as well bring the sausage back to town on this one.

The only apple blossom in this corner of the woods is a whole lot of pirate argh.

Life is too short to take seriously.