May 2006 

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Always have faith and believe, it just hurts more when it doesn't work out.

Make it ring.

Darn it, i was just making project on my progess.

Holy shift, you're missing a key.

Cheese dreams.

You should have woke me up before i went to sleep.

Are things any different on the other side of the stage.

Befriend kindness, befriend creativity, befriend support, befriend talent.

No, actually pretty girls make grapes.

Switching to a new agenda.

The unrelated just walked through the door.

And everyone else is making oranges.

The idea and its enemy.

Hey hey hey, what's that i smell, it smells like, like uhhh pickles.

It's ready.

It all stops at the laundry mat bakery.

When all else fails, grab.

I'm full of good answers, all the ladies agree, but when it comes time to turn in my scantron I don't know where to go.

Click and listen.

The first of many.

All the pickles are lining up in a neat little row.

I call it a mega crush, you know... one of those really special ones.

Isn't the love boat supposed to stop by tonight.

Playing my nickles like dimes don't even exist.

A swing and a hit.

I'd give you a dollar but all i have is four quarters.

Putting the awe in awesome since twenty-three years.

I haven't seen any bunnies with pancakes on their heads lately.

Have we become young men or old boys.

Dating back all the way to the mothership.

There's something big and happy stirring in the air.

I've never done things to half my ability, that's what pays off.

I'm out of complete thoughts, just left over with millions of tiny pieces of different thoughts.