Apr 2006 

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Born to be a fool.

Looking back in awe.

How well do you really know a person if you don't even know how kinky they are.

The hometown invasion tour.

Keep talkin' i like your style.

Hey, i got bowling ball on my shirt.

What is flow.

Those are my nipples.

If you like it, i love it.

We smell like bumble bees.

I don't have a point, i'm pretty dull.

Have you been hugged today.

My life is a series of acquaintances.

I want a long hug rather than a quick one. i want a long drawn out conversation rather than a quick one. i want long drawn out eye contact, not just a quick look. i want hands that stay on my for a full night, not just an hour. i don't want just a cup of coffee with a friend, i want a full day. i don't want these last days to just slip under the rug with all the requirements. emotion, hugs, tears, laughter, smiles, give it all to me. this is it right here, it's not how i pictured it ending, but i want to make it more than this, to take in the moment, sit back and take it all in, talk about the good, the bad, talk about the past and future, to sit back with someone, but not just anyone, and to say the last five years were the best five years of my life.

I'm an idea box, it's what i do.

I've got more cute in me than an alligator.

If you're golden, i'm silver.

I'm golden.

I'm dynamic.

One more away from home.

Not bad for living without comfort.

And my heart sinks a little further.

Can someone take this extra bucket of passion off my shoulders so i can get this done.

Chick of choice.

A million girls love fat albert, but that doesn't mean he sleeps well at night.


It's a learning process, and win or lose we gave it our best, i gave it my best, and that in itself will be a lesson to call upon for years to come, we gained respect, we represented everyone, and i'm thankful.

Party elevator.

On the same page, we're not even in the same book.

The line between leading and leaving behind.

I'm a fragmented person, that's just the way it is.

Animal quackers.

What's your favorite kind of cracker.

There's a clear difference between obsession or over-achiever and passion.

Sometimes they say things end with a bang.

Taking an hour to soak in five years of college.

Be kind, let the truth prevail, and everything will turn out.

I go boom.

Taking a second hour, or can i just have another five years.

The ticket price is bringing something that's a testimony of your creativity.

Finger wrestling finds a home.

And i will continue to be until i find a better way to live.