Mar 2006 

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There is about seven hours of work that needs to get done, so i'll wait until i have about six hours left to do all of it.

Just think of it this way, what if you only have a limited number of times your allowed to worry in a life time, you wouldn't want to spend those worries on something until you know there is actually something to worry about.

This is the last shindig, but maybe it's the culmination of these last five years.

First time looking at a clock in new york city and it reads that one date, go figure.

It's impossible to imagine, impossible to put in perspective, it seemed all too impossible to happen, but we're all fragile and it has become history, nothing will ever bring us back to that day, but something will always brings us back together.

Hearts from brooklyn.

I'm not sure if i could ever adjust, but i could get situated.

This is a hustle operation.

Ahhh the glamour, the desire, and all the wants of a meaningless dream.

Without parks, i would have no interest living in a city, mmm the awe of central park.

The answer is right here and my dream is in reach.

Why are people inclined to crinkle up paper when they throw it away, rather than just simply throwing it in the trash, even if it's just a plain white piece of paper.

Crayons bleed in red.

New york messed with my head.

I burn with emotion and can find no way out.

A player who has no girls.

Does the city do more good than harm.

It's a great day to feast on some pi.

Last thing tonight is still better than the first thing tomorrow.

It takes a lot of people to save a chicken.

Cookie eating is one of my biggest hobbies.

Gettin' a taste of the world silent treatment.

No, i see more value than making myself trash.

I dropped my keys twice today.

We're not here to change the past, we're here to change the future.

Busy girls suck.

Wayne, shaun, tony, ansel, bill, ...bugsy.

Always thesaurusizing.

Love is something i don't choose to settle for less.

Will someone please remind me to tip my hat next time.

I didn't go to college to work for someone else, i didn't go to college to acheive somebody elses dreams, i didn't go to college to do their work, i have my own dreams, my own ideas, my own work, and this is why i went to college.

People wash their hands by the lengths of their socks.

As far as we know we've only got one, so we better make it count.

My tongue doesn't do any tricks, but it can do wonders on an ice cream cone.

I don't want one drop of this passion to pass me by and go unused.

Hope and blow.

It's one of those days where i feel like plexiglass.

Nobody wants a lover.

You gain respect by displaying honesty, not lying.

Chocolate covered pretzels we're gettin' kinky.

I'm a lonely bee, but at least i have lots of flowers to suck nectar out of.

I put three oranges in my mouth at the same time once was one of the best bags of skittles i've ever had.

You've gotta learn that no shoe fits so well, that this guitar has only five strings, and that when the sun sets on this eve, it'll be the moon and i, so goodnight steve.

You're like a big happy-flavored popsicle that i could lick all day long.

As much mine as it is yours, for all the things we shared, i remember being flattered, it has taken a while, but i do, i am sorry, i did have deep affection, i hope this finds you and finds you well, take care and best wishes in all you do.

I learned how to create something amaznig with life.

He looks like a dinosaur.

Eclectic, optimistic, and inspirational.

Why can we kill flies, but we can't kill cats.

Roses are red, spartans are green, what your future holds, remains to be seen.

I'm not the sharpest knife in the kitchen, i'm probably not the shiniest knife in the kitchen, actually i'm probably not in the kitchen at all, i'm probably one of those old dull rusty knives that gets thrown in the garage to scrape the grass from the bottom of the lawnmower.

That's what i call happy snow.

Cursing is like stepping on a spider.

Studs terkel, with a mix of jake burton and richard branson.

I'm heading towards a really huge waterfall, approaching fast in a tiny little canoe.

Next time it pours let's drive around and give people rides.

Of course i dream big, is there another way to dream, becuase i wasn't told of one.

It's like pee wee herman's giant foil ball, everyone is impressed by it, but nobody wants that thing.