Feb 2006 

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You can schedule your love making appointments on every third wednedsay of the month.

Not brave, just crazy.

Ain't nothing but three fifths of an applegate.

Kill them freckles, soldier.

I don't believe in strangers.

It's strange how much better we would know beauty, if only we were blind.

For the loves that will never grow old.

A hidden chamber has been discovered in the food pyramid.

I stir.

Wow that's a really nice oar, how much does that one cost.

It'll work out when it works out, until then keep at it.

I may be slow, but at least i'm not fast.

The sad, but convenient, thing about valentine's day in this era is that it's easy to find out who the pessimists are and who the optimists are.

I'm not going to paint a rose without thorns.

Oops, gave her the wrong pencil.

Happy valentining miss superhero.

There's no such thing as a bad valentine's day.

Eighty-nine smoke.

Before any of it happened there were thousands of unread journals of everyday life, of sorow and joy, where there was the drama in marriages, family, friendships, and all the personal struggles, it was expected to be just another regular day.

Of a generation.

The fab four, minus one.

Put your eye where your heart is.

In five years there is more than the average person generates in a lifespan.

Learning to be a professor.

For all those special friends of yours equality is offered when p-day follows v-day.

...as god is to a washing machine.

Why have coldplay tomorrow when i can give you hotplay tonight.

Thinking, thinking, thinking, ...and thought.

Sixteen hundred days of copy.

There's a fox on the run in a neighborhood near you.

Now accepting cancer, but only after nine and on weekends.

When i win, i win big, empty the bank baby.

With a couple months to go there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel, not for a nine to five, but for something bigger, something greater.

I slipped, I slipped, this is what I get for tying my shoes backwards.

If you're stupid, i must be stupid times two.

Pretty girls like to make a habit of teasing me.

Why would you draw pretzels when you can just eat them.

I would love to shoot you, but i need some more film first.

Next time they chew you out send them a big pack of bubblelicious.

Some people ask to be photographed to see their perfections and some ask to be photographed to see their imperections.

When i'm not busy, i'm dreaming.

Your photography is strong everywhere that mine is weak, for that my friend, i commend you.