Jan 2006 

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Sneaking out the back door becomes fresh.

All the familiarities without the stirring.

Don't skip the part where you absorb everything.

Winter is my favorite season because anything is possible when it snows.

Never has my fantasy seemed so reasonable.

End it on this, at the beginning.

Everything is starting to have a greater softness.

Too much time is spent preparing for the future rather than living for today.

I live.

Don't forget to carry the three.

My problem is that i tend to fall into her exceptions rather than her rules.

No vacancy.

Expression in hardcopy.

Hello global warming, nice to meet you.

Spite me.

I'm not asking anyone to teach me, i never have.

There is never a time to stop, even after the snowmen have turned into little mounds of flattened out slush, even when your heart is strung out like a pinata and beaten, even when your jaw is swollen from clenching your teeth with passion, and when you know the last song you'll ever here is playing and you're all alone, from there i breathe a little harder and wait for the next day, as i watch the sunrise grace the horizon and learn to never look back again.

Excuse me ma'am, where can i find the books for fame 101.

My head will explode from lack of thoughts, not from too many thoughts, the only thing i get from too many thoughts is loss of productivity.

Knowing is personal.

I'm in love with the burn.

Look at him swagger tonight.

I can't blame others, so i blame myself.

Always turn panic attacks into pancake attacks.

Pessimism means having more turnoffs than turnons.

Peaches are forks, pears are spoons.

I closed my eyes so hard that i thought i was going to swallow them.

I don't pour out, i ooze out.

Because water doesn't make different formations.

Maybe it is long, but if you had to choose life to be long or short, what would you choose.

Out come the mason jars, it's time to sort out the mice in my life, but the shotgun will stay in the closet this time around.

Revelation after revelation, revolution after revolution, but what about resolution.

I propose national power outage day.

It's time to stop putting up, and start putting out.

I've been getting a lot more headaches than i used to, the funny thing is that i've also been eating a lot less ice cream than i used to, go figure.

Just incase you're counting it's been about thirty seven alligators, four rhinos, and only one lonely flamingo.

The drive, the leadership, and now the knowledge.

Hold on i'll be back, i have to finish growing up.

You have to step on the wings of a few angels on the way.

Go directly to vail, do not pass blow, do not collect two hundred hollers.

Taking the cement roller to it, baby.

To be visionary.

I am my biggest competition.

He's got more style than a versace warehouse.

No artist can blend colors so magnificently as does nature, no musician can compose songs so soothing as does nature, however there is a fine line that exists where nature complements the man-made and where the man-made complements nature, yet strangely, we define art as that which least interferes with nature and we define beauty in a woman by how well she applies her makeup and hair dye.