Dec 2005 

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Personal equity is nothing more than a few bananas each week and a few candy bars each day.

He makes life happen.

Two snow angels for the price of one.

There's a great deal of sensation with a warm heart and cool skin.

Ending the nights with breaths that are larger than the wind.

It's through the simplicities in life such as catching a snowflake on my tongue or singing in the rain that graces me with these eyes.

I suppose if there were any rules they would be that punctuation and capitalization are not allowed, except for periods solely to represent the closure of one thought.

Are three.

Wake up and smell the snow.

Hot molasis, bake me up some of them cookies.

Infinite landing.

Think twice, strike thrice.

If thoreau wrote a book titled running this is what it would be.

C'mon jose, let's go for a walk.

Could you hold this while i fill my shopping bag, please.

What can your personality carry.

You own your genes, your genes don't own you.

You can't read a book until you open the cover.

The correlation between health and attitude is not a spurious relationship.

Personality and character always takes priority over any sort of commonality.

Wrap it up folks, this one is outta here.

Six blessings.

Excuse me sir, i couldn't help but notice, is that ice cream on your face or do you just have a really sweet mustache.

The first three days of five years ago.

Finally, running season is here.

Round ten is going to be a knockout.

As for now, snow is the love of my life.

I taste no more.

Home brings a little twitch to the heart.

Appropriately lazy.

One yes in a world of nos.

Sometimes it's the positive exceptions in something negative rather than the negative exceptions in something positive.

Always becoming, never became.

Thoughts are infinite, hence depth must be as well.

The less you judge someone the more accurate representation you have of them.

To conquer fear.

Fear grows with age.

Play the part, don't let the part play you.

The passion factory.

You have to live before you can write.

Let's sing cinnamon.

Sometimes friends make better opponents than they do teammates.

I know this will be the last day for a while to enjoy this feeling.

There comes a time for everything where it doesn't matter anymore, and this is my decision.

After all that and i end the year by saying no.