Nov 2005 

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Stand and deliver.

Almost there.

Learning how to come in first.

Is it all uphill from here, or is it all downhill, i consider it to be all uphill, because it's at the peak of the mountain where it counts, not the base.

I prefer when presents are wrapped.

For the most part curiosity is a strength, only once in a while is it a weakness.

It's not so much the sleep that matters, but how well you wake up.

Things break a lot faster and a lot easier than it takes to fix them.

Be courageous.

Throw some context.

Fix yourself a pie and do a friend some good.

Conversations can't last when they never start in the first place.

Eating chineese or thai is just an excuse for most americans to say that they are being cultural.

What's the point of a secret.

Society exists because it's mean to be defied.

I think somebody spiked my ice cream with the butterflies.

Live lightly.

Today the sky is a lot bigger.

At last, the white peace, the silence and beauty of bliss.

I didn't just survive the night, i lived it.

What is unique, is it chocolate, or dark chocolate, or milk chocolate.

Let me make this lover.

Hi is boring.

If one can't live with the atmosphere he or she will never succeed within it.

When did the money become more important than the idea.

Don't ask, just hug.

Romance and passion swing back around with the wintery snowfall bug.

Before you teach, the students must want to learn and being there isn't enough.

In the light of being home.

Not sure if it's right or write ...about the fog.

If you don't step up you'll get stepped on.

Pink spiders.

Latent fate.

Gone orbiting.