Oct 2005 

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Stupid crushing curse, but at least the air still smells like manure, even that smells better than the air in ann arbor, wolverines are the third smelliest animals in the world for a reason.

There are definitely a lot of raspberries in that fruit basket.

Leather seats, sunroof, v8 engine, heated seats, navigation... i don't need the full package, just throw in a few features so it's not standard.

I may be dumb, but at least i'm a genious.

I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but i'm the longest.

Rubber is my favorite band of all time.

Put the heart where the mind is.

Keep writing, keep scratching, keep scribbling, and one day it'll be the right place at the right time.

When inspiration is there motivation is not, when motivation is there inspiration is not.

Some it reinforced what i want to do, some of it took away from what i want to do, some of it was a big reality check, and some it was a big practical lesson.

Most people are afraid of hot, but in this case hot is afraid of me.

If you can put a sixty-seven hundred pound mushroom in a hummer, put the fungus to the pedal.

A country based on freedom, but all we're concerned with is security.

You mean you don't have root beer floats... how about a guiness float.

My fruit basket may not have the most fruit, it may not have the best variety, it may have a few pieces that are sour, it may not have the sweetest fruit, but it's the freshest fruit around town.

Some people play with cards and some people use the entire box.

Passion goes further than any statistic of accomplishment.

Pursue and conquer, there are success stories across the state, the nation, the world for the exact thing in pursuit... if the wall is never built, it will never be torn down.

Through tone one can persuade just about anything.

Bad news never sounds good, but that doesn't mean you can't communicate it kindly.

And at the end of the day, make sure that the peach is still very fuzzy and very very juicy.

Boys are suppressed from the color pink their entire lives, infact, they are told to despise it because it's a girls color, and then we grow into men, and if we have open minds it's like discovering a brand new color, almost as though it's a brand new invention, like a new color in the rainbow, a new color that's never been seen because society has suppressed it from men their entire lives, but who's willing to find it.

One can always find the good in anything, it's just that sometimes you know there is something much better.

Read by day, write by night.

I may not be the prettiest flower in the garden, but i sure am the one with the most petals.

Studying makes you fat, therefore one should never study.

A person can't spend their life behind a camera, life is lived in front of the camera.

Before i check out, just like studs.

Approach silently, deliver loudly, leave silently.

The bigger the light you turn on the more normal you become.

Twenty minutes is never too small, but never big enough.

Life is big and after a long time i feel full.

Bring in the creative backups.