Sep 2005 

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We live in a world that always has and always will operate behind your back.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, these are those thousand words, from the inside of a living photograph.

And i'm not wearing my halo.

A town is only as boring as you make it.

I need to get my hands on something beauitful.

Orbiting the world normal world, just far enough away, but not too far.

My mind is running on a full tank, with great mileage.

Officially booked.

These are the last changes to tickle all those fancies.

Either my willpower is weak or my guilt is strong.

Tomato boy.

Put a fork in the road.

When i see red i think yellow, when i touch grass i think sky.

How some find beauty and how some never see it.

I've been orbiting for years and can't wait for the big grey place, because i'm going to splatter paint all over it.

It's not about increasing the times you do, but rather decreasing the times you don't.

You lose, again.

Let the moon shine bright.

Hey, that tastes pretty good, one could get used to this.

Making a million bright colors out of all you assassins.

Bandit training.

Yes, i'd like to fill out an application for idea man position.

The more you push out, the more you can pull in.

It's like riding a bike, just a whole lot harder to learn.

That was one big mud puddle.

It's as if the wind reverses everytime i'm about to pull up to shore.

It's better to disagree and get along, than to agree and not get along.

Time to pull a good old weasel switch-a-roo.

Time to put the punch in the glove.

You only have to say something every once in a great while as long as it stumps the crowd.

Abbreviation is an awfully long word.

You can't be a player if you don't have any games.