Aug 2005 

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He's so busy working up his ego he forgot to let go of the bowling ball.

You know you've found a treasure of nuts when there's a squirrel sniffy at your door.

Six servings of ice cream in three days, yes, life is goooood.

Walking down wall street with nothing but white noise filtered out with a smile, just like a riding car with young girls abrupt, you learn to filter and look up at the stars and put your hand out the window, there's always room to find tranquility.

I get home tomorrow.

I left yesterday.

All this pondering and the only conclusion is that life doesn't have any conclusions.

Better to be in the position of what i don't want to do than the position of what i want to do.

It's much harder to choose the few things you don't want to do than the few you do want to do.

Nothing but an ice cream sandwich and a sofa away.

A war against socializing.

Restless passion, losing sleep over the images i can't produce.

Money is now worth more than the most significant ideas.

Cracking at the seems and fighting against all the dreams.

Tonight i'm workin' the lotto desk, there's no better place to get lucky.

Cuddling once a day keeps the frowns away.

Of the unconventional.

One last shingdig and out and gone for good.

An apple, all to myself, how dearly i love a red delicious.

Learning to take advantage of the mistakes.

The only virus i've ever had on this computer is windows millenium edition.

It's funny how if you take the apostrophe and space out of i'm patient it turns into impatient.

He who speaks of popsicles speaks in blasphemy.

If you stroke it they will come.

A new era is born.

The understanding of how good it actually was.

Remembering strawberry island.



It's never about being got.

One last flury.

Shorter bliss.

Bingo bango, i think i ate a mango.

Class is definately something i'll miss in the future, that's not to say all classes.

When push comes to shove, hug.

So far so crummy.

Think cowprint.

Out of many, one.