Jul 2005 

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Come on down, you're the next contestant on the price is pimp.

Coyote throws his eyes and crow catches them and flys away.

I need to learn how to start living for the time of day i'm awake instead of the time of day when i'm asleep.

Reset, reminisce, romanticize, rest, and repeat.

Smiling in a land far far away.

Forget going with the flow, i'm going to make this glass overflow.

Thank goodness i'm pimp.

Followed by days of reminiscing, in the same place a year ago, it makes no difference if it's me or someone else, the point is that someone died who didn't have to.

Settling for.

My heart is doing nothing more than collecting dust.

If i say no is it really going to stop you, if you say no is it really going to stop me.

You have to walk around the bush.

The modern versus the old and reserved, as if there's too much color in the world.

Children will be children until children fall infront of adults.

Last chance victory.

Today is one with a million words and no pencil to write.

Excuse me, what part of germany are you from.

That's a really strong bow you've got.

I wish to open the door and be greeted with romance.

I'm not looking for comfort, i'm looking for truth.

The peanut butter and jamberines have gone home for the night.

It's cool, we're cool, it's time to sing this summer's tune.

The world would be a dull place if people didn't have colored eyes.

An honest dollar is more valuable than a hundred dishonest dollars.

Some people feel more pain in a day than i'll feel in my entire life.

Better to be unhealthy and happy than to be healthy and unhappy.

There's no such thing as too much detail, usually there's not enough.

The heat is drying up all the fruit.

My heart needs an auto clean option like an oven.

I'm only cool when it's hot.

You have a great name to be famous, you could be a wrestler

I don't know, i just woke up and it was gone, crazy.

You can bang your stick on the ice all you want, but you can't make the puck come to you.

All but one more of these fridays.

Got freckle.

The season of farewells.