Jun 2005 

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Looking at a thumbnail view of the world.

Don't make me slip the drop kick.

I'm crooked edge.

Bliss is back.

Sunburned faces are cute.

Humans have turned into hard-boiled eggs.

A conversation isn't two people talking, it is two people listening.

It's nice to meet you global warming, what do you think of the weather today.

Rather than a nice roll, my life is more like a bounce

Mmm chewy.

Simple is as simple does, hence the beard.

Two hours south of hope.

Silence now, or forever hold your piece.

A real life lover.

The number four pours down on me again.

I'm like fat albert, millions of girls want to be my friend, but none of them want to date me.

If 'gettin fresh' was in the constitution...

I've got less game than go fish.

That's like going to an ice cream shop that doesn't have freezers.

Where's the nearest life exchange.

Eat beer and drink pizza.

Semicolon slash dot splash which is flash.

Aint nothin' but a sure thang, brotherin.

Kick the dust, bite the wind, punch the rain, settle the spin.

Serpentine waves.

Which of you chipmunks ate the acorn.

Live and stern.

Global warming at it's best.

Accounting will be the death of me.

All the loving is in the sky.

Ninety-nine percent stress free for the first time in two-thousand five.

Tonight is a night where the world is mine, no matter what they say, no matter what they pray, i am making it mine tonight because too much of this year has passed away unseen and tonight i will catch up and admire the world that i love so dear as i choke on skittles, heck, i mine as well choke on them, i almost went blind in my right eye because of them.