May 2005 

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Every sunday for three years, this is the last, create a bang.

Turmoil is unavoidable.

Thirty-six classes and one-hundred twenty-four credits later.

Bugsy's greatest pick up lines... they probably won't work, but you just might make her ugly friend laugh.

Bugsy the bruiser will return after these messages.

Sometimes you roll, sometimes you bounce, sometimes you shatter.

Seventeen wine.

One more last.

Something is missing tonight.

Plant the bomb.

Blow it up.

A midnight fresh.

One full tummy.

Stop, drop, and roll ponder.

I'm like a drug.

Trickle, trickle, trickle.

Toss in the grenade, it's time to retire.

Fire power is manslaughter.

Ring in the bliss.

Rocks, paper, pistols.

Rainy days and ice cream are a match made in heaven.

Aware-wolf of if all.

A ring a day for the love of my life.

Think, boast, die.

Length is only a concern.

It's not style when it comes naturally.

Match to match.

Tally it up.

I've got more time than big ben.

Lost in a world of too many passions.

Time to get huffy.

Like the waste of human that i am.

It may be cheesy, but sometimes cheese is the truth.

A young buck with lots of fire power.