Apr 2005 

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I know i get addicted easily, but i also know the difference between what i like and what i can't help.

Are you climbing my tree, or are you just catching the apples at the bottom. you'll never know what's at the top if you don't climb a new tree, and i'm not worried about falling off, just about being kicked, punched, or pushed off.

We didn't win, but i also wasn't a fan of basketball before i came to state, now i am, thanks torbert and crew.

I'd rather be killed for honesty than suffer from lying.

One yellow of a day.

Slithering like a slinky.

Love well, sleep well.

It's in the air tonight.

Now accepting applicants for twenty-four seven cuddle calls.

Good night. good day. great life.

And that was yesterday.

This is where it all falls apart.

Bang, times infinity.

The good guy never wins.

And the thing is i could put one hell of a case together, but because i'd rather see someone else be happy than me, i'm not going to, i'll endure extra sorrow, pain, and heartbreak just so someone else doesn't have to, even if it's more than they would endure in the first place.

This is the shaft.

Another white dash, another mile, another chaos.

One bliss, two bliss, three bliss...

A triumphant man, true, genuine, kind, and humble, here's to my greatest role model. thanks dad.

Another yellow dash, another mile, another awkard.

Quip it, quote it, wrote it, got it.

Building the bomb.

Take it easy and give it hard.

Switch the world on, it's life time.

What's more important an easy life or a meaningful life.

Enjoying depression.

Turn, burn, and sink.

It's been my epitome and my fall, but without it i'd be nowhere at all.

Nobody knows until you get there.

Let me introduce you to my new friends: somber, ponder, and saunter.

Twinkle twinkle little pimp.

Always notice the guy eating the sunflower seeds, he could very well be the next big sunflower.

Ice pick, pistol, and the whole lot.

Trouble is on the loose.

Twelve flaws in the last year.

Just because i'm a gangster doesn't mean i'm a player.