Mar 2005 

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One, two, three, four, five, this is indeed a first, but there is no room for me feet.

You've got less bling than a goldfish.

Home bliss home.

Celebrate our annual i'm-desperate-to-have-a-month-because-everything-has-a-month awareness month.

Well, i thought me being at the door would be the secret password.

By the time you read this the sun will drop, the moon will rise, and you'll have to scrub off the toe jam.

One barbequed bugsy coming right up.

I don't judge myself but what i can do, i judge myself by what i can't do.

Life is only as difficult as your number one priority.

These trees are so much easier to understand than people.

I hate having usuals, i don't want to be bland and predictable.

America needs a remix of the thong song, maybe an emo version, boyshorts are just too popular now.

Funny how after writing a book a day you're at a loss for words.

I see it coming, the sun, the moon, the rain, the snow.

Ahhh, the beauty of a frontside spin off your toeside edge.

I'm stuck, mid rotation, back facing the landing, almost entirely inverted, solid grab, in the middle of the air and touching nothing else, my mind is stuck in one of the most beautiful feelings i've ever known.

I've never been an everyone.

Amazingness is only enhanced by modesty.

I think god made me of all the scraps, like i'm good at a lot of things, but not great at anything, i have a brain full of incomplete thoughts and ideas, they swept all the scraps off the floor of the human factory and put them into a machine, and out came bugsy, so i think my mission in life is to get all these pieces to whoever they belong to.

I wonder how many people claim to be irish today when they are not.

I'll be back, i'm under west coast construction.

I believe actions over words.

Be right back, taking a guilt trip.

Is that a harmonica in your pants or are you just happy to see me.

Your vote may trump my vote, but my foot stomps your foot.

When there's a fast ball down the middle, you better believe i'm going to swing as hard as i can.

Dude, i left my mojo in europe.

The snowball effect.

Wait, i didn't forget my mojo in europe, it's been right here infront of me all along.

There's a lot of color in this one, even after mixing them for hours they're still beautiful and clear.

Final four baby.

I love your polka dots baby, can i come connect the dots.

Living life one hunch at a time.

The smell of hiphop is in the air.

I'm not the nicest guy, but i'm the mostest un-meanest.

I wouldn't worry, i've made several, but i havne't delivered a pizza in over three years.

Is there no wonder that a beautiful girl is near and it just happens to be the first beautiful sunny day of spring. coincidence or not, she thinks not.

Straight from the high life.

Unvalidated and killed.

You should always brush your teeth before you go to bed, you never know when an angel is going to kiss you in the middle of the night.